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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A generalized relation between initial abstraction and potential maximum retention in SCS‐CN‐based modelMishra S.K.; Sahu R.K.; Eldho T.I.; Jain M.K.
2007An advanced soil moisture accounting procedure for SCS curve number methodSahu R.K.; Mishra S.K.; Eldho T.I.; Jain M.K.
2010An improved AMC-coupled runoff curve number modelSahu R.K.; Mishra S.K.; Eldho T.I.
2006An improved Ia-S relation incorporating antecedent moisture in SCS-CN methodologyMishra S.K.; Sahu R.K.; Eldho T.I.; Jain M.K.
2010Comparative evaluation of SCS-CN-inspired models in applications to classified datasetsSahu R.K.; Mishra S.K.; Eldho T.I.
2012Improved storm duration and antecedent moisture condition coupled scs-cn concept-based modelSahu R.K.; Mishra S.K.; Eldho T.I.
2011Performance evaluation of modified versions of SCS curve number method for two watersheds of Maharashtra, IndiaSahu R.K.; Mishra S.K.; Eldho T.I.
1994Reactions of 4-isothiocyanato-4-methyl-2- pentanone with amines having functional group at position and anti-inflammatory evaluation of resulting heterocyclic compoundsSahu R.K.; Magan A.; Gupta B.; Sondhi S.M.
2015Treatment potential of EC towards bio-digester effluent: effects of process parameters, aeration, and adsorbentSahu R.K.; Shankar R.; Mondal P.; Chand S.