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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Bearing capacity of shallow strip foundations in sand under eccentric and oblique loadsGanesh R.; Khuntia S.; Sahoo J.P.
2013Bearing capacity of strip foundations reinforced with geogrid sheets by using upper bound finite-element limit analysisKumar J.; Sahoo J.P.
2008Behavior of stabilized soil cushions under cyclic wetting and dryingSahoo J.P.; Pradhan P.K.; Subba Rao K.S.
2010Effect of Lime Stabilized Soil Cushion on Strength Behaviour of Expansive SoilSahoo J.P.; Pradhan P.K.
2012Horizontal Pullout Resistance for a Group of Two Vertical Plate Anchors in ClaysSahoo J.P.; Kumar J.
2013Horizontal pullout resistance of a group of two vertical anchors in sandSahoo J.P.; Kumar J.
2018Kinematic limit analysis approach for seismic active earth thrust coefficients of cohesive-frictional backfillSahoo J.P.; Ganesh R.
2018Lower bound solutions for uplift capacity of strip anchors adjacent to sloping ground in claySahoo J.P.; Khuntia S.
2014Reducing computational effort in solving geomechanics problems with upper bound finite elements limit analysis and linear optimizationSahoo J.P.; Kumar J.
2018Required lining pressure for the stability of twin circular tunnels in soilsSahoo J.P.; Kumar J.
2017Seismic passive resistance of cohesive-frictional soil medium: Kinematic limit analysisGanesh R.; Sahoo J.P.
2020Seismic Performance of Footings on Stone Columns Treated Dry Sand BedsMaheshwari P.; Kumar Yadav N.; Sahoo J.P.
2012Seismic stability of a long unsupported circular tunnelSahoo J.P.; Kumar J.
2018Seismic uplift capacity of shallow strip anchors: A new pseudo-dynamic upper bound limit analysisGanesh R.; Khuntia S.; Sahoo J.P.
2019Seismic uplift resistance of circular plate anchors in sandSahoo J.P.; Ganesh R.
2014Stability of a circular tunnel in presence of pseudostatic seismic body forcesSahoo J.P.; Kumar J.
2013Stability of long unsupported twin circular tunnels in soilsSahoo J.P.; Kumar J.
2014Stability of unsupported vertical circular excavationsKumar J.; Chakraborty M.; Sahoo J.P.
2019Support pressure for circular tunnels in two layered undrained clayKumar B.; Sahoo J.P.
2019Support pressure for stability of circular tunnels driven in granular soil under water tableSahoo J.P.; Kumar B.