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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A 1-Bit Coding Reflective Metasurface for Beam Steering Along Both the Cardinal Planes Using Dual-Polarized Incident WavesSahoo D.K.; Kundu D.; Bhattacharya D.; Patnaik, Amalendu
2013Assessing the soil environment under major cropping systems in kuanria canal commandMandal K.G.; Majhi P.; Sahoo D.K.; Rout R.; Kumar A.; Ghosh, Sanjay Kumar; Mohanty R.K.; Raychaudhuri M.
2016Breaking the glass ceiling: opportunity for the organizationSahoo D.K.; Lenka, Usha
2013Efficiency factors of recycled aggregate concrete bottle-shaped strutsSingh, Bhupinder N..; Sahoo D.K.; Jacob N.M.
2018Proposing micro-macro HRM strategies to overcome challenges of workforce diversity and deviance in ASEANMalik P.; Lenka, Usha; Sahoo D.K.
2016Research and development teams as a perennial source of competitive advantage in the innovation adoption processLenka, Usha; Gupta M.; Sahoo D.K.
2010Shear behaviour of longitudinally reinforced self-compacting concrete beamsSingh, Bhupinder N..; Akhlaq M.U.; Kumar R.; Sahoo D.K.