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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Comparative study of FeCr2S4and FeSc 2S4: Spinels with orbitally active A siteSarkar S.; Maitra T.; Valentí R.; Saha-Dasgupta T.
2018Computer predictions on Rh-based double perovskites with unusual electronic and magnetic properties /639/766/119 /639/301/1034 /639/766/119 /639/301/1034 articleHalder A.; Nafday D.; Sanyal P.; Saha-Dasgupta T.
2009Evidence of kinetic-energy-driven antiferromagnetism in double perovskites: A first-principles study of La-doped Sr2 FeMoO6Sanyal P.; Das H.; Saha-Dasgupta T.
2015Half-Metallic Behavior in Doped Sr 2 CrOsO 6 Double Perovskite with High Transition TemperatureSamanta K.; Sanyal P.; Saha-Dasgupta T.
2019Magnetism in cation-disordered 3d-4d/5d double perovskitesHalder A.; Sanyal P.; Saha-Dasgupta T.
2016Magnetism in Sr2CrMoO6: A combined ab initio and model studySanyal P.; Halder A.; Si L.; Wallerberger M.; Held K.; Saha-Dasgupta T.
2011Multistep approach to microscopic models for frustrated quantum magnets: The case of the natural mineral azuriteJeschke H.; Opahle I.; Kandpal H.; Valentí R.; Das H.; Saha-Dasgupta T.; Janson O.; Rosner H.; Brühl A.; Wolf B.; Lang M.; Richter J.; Hu S.; Wang X.; Peters R.; Pruschke T.; Honecker A.
2011Origin of magnetism and trend in Tc in Cr-based double perovskites: Interplay of two driving mechanismsDas H.; Sanyal P.; Saha-Dasgupta T.; Sarma D.D.
2009Proposed orbital ordering in MnV2O4 from first-principles calculationsSarkar S.; Maitra T.; Valentí R.; Saha-Dasgupta T.
2012Signature of an antiferromagnetic metallic ground state in heavily electron-doped Sr 2FeMoO 6Jana S.; Meneghini C.; Sanyal P.; Sarkar S.; Saha-Dasgupta T.; Karis O.; Ray S.
2011Understanding neutron scattering data in YMn2O5: An effective spin HamiltonianBaidya S.; Sanyal P.; Das H.; Roessli B.; Chatterji T.; Saha-Dasgupta T.