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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A Plus Shaped Cavity in Optical Fiber Based Refractive Index SensorSingh L.; Agrawal N.; Saha C.; Kumar Kaushik, Brajesh
2020Development of dopamine sensor using silver nanoparticles and peg-functionalized tapered optical fiber structureAgrawal N.; Zhang B.; Saha C.; Kumar C.; Kumar Kaushik, Brajesh; Kumar S.
2014Root associated iron oxidizing bacteria increase phosphate nutrition and influence root to shoot partitioning of iron in tolerant plant Typha angustifoliaGhosh U.D.; Saha C.; Maiti, Moumita; Lahiri S.; Ghosh S.; Seal A.; MitraGhosh M.
2019Waste reduction through Kaizen approach: A case study of a company in IndiaGoyal A.; Agrawal, Rajat; Chokhani R.K.; Saha C.