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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Modeling of 2011 IndoNepal Earthquake and Scenario Earthquakes in the Kumaon Region and Comparative Attenuation Study Using PGA Distribution with the Garhwal RegionSandeep; Joshi A.; Sah S.K.; Kumar P.; Lal S.; Devi S.; Monika
2019Modelling of strong motion generation areas for a great earthquake in central seismic gap region of Himalayas using the modified semi-empirical approachSandeep; Joshi A.; Sah S.K.; Kumar P.; Lal S.; Kamal,
2021Optimization of energy consumption for indoor climate control using Taguchi technique and utility conceptSah S.K.; Murugesan, Krishnan; Elangovan R.
2017Simulation of Strong Ground Motion of the 2009 Bhutan Earthquake Using Modified Semi-Empirical TechniqueSandeep; Joshi A.; Lal S.; Kumar P.; Sah S.K.; Vandana; Kamal,
2017Source model estimation of the 2005 Kyushu Earthquake, Japan using Modified Semi Empirical TechniqueSandeep; Joshi A.; Sah S.K.; Kumar P.; Lal S.; Vandana; Kamal,; Singh R.S.
2020Strong ground motion simulation techniques—a review in world contextArora S.; Joshi A.; Kumari P.; Kumar P.; Sah S.K.; Lal S.; Singh N.P.
2019Strong motion generation area modelling of the 2008 Iwate earthquake, Japan using modified semi-empirical techniqueSandeep; Joshi A.; Devi S.; Kumar P.; Sah S.K.; Lal S.; Kamal,