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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A comprehensive review of warm mix asphalt mixtures-laboratory to fieldSukhija M.; Saboo, Nikhil
2015A study on creep and recovery behavior of asphalt bindersSaboo, Nikhil; Kumar, Praveen Kishore
2016Analysis of different test methods for quantifying rutting susceptibility of asphalt bindersSaboo, Nikhil; Kumar, Praveen Kishore
2020Assessing the effect of fillers on LVE properties of asphalt mastics at intermediate temperaturesChaudhary M.; Saboo, Nikhil; Gupta A.; Hofko B.; Steineder M.
2020Assessing the Effect of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement on Mechanical Properties of Dry-Lean ConcreteDubey P.; Paswan S.; Sukhija M.; Saboo, Nikhil
2019Development of hierarchical ranking strategy for the asphalt skeleton in semi-flexible pavementSaboo, Nikhil; Ranjeesh R.; Gupta A.; Suresh M.
2019Development of High-Temperature Ranking Parameter for Asphalt Binders Using Arrhenius ModelSaboo, Nikhil; Singh B.; Kumar, Praveen Kishore
2021Development of ternary binder mixing formulation for asphalt pavement recyclingSavarnya A.; Saboo, Nikhil; Das A.; Makowska M.; Pellinen T.
2021Development of workability based approach for assessment of production temperatures of warm mix asphalt mixturesSukhija M.; Wagh V.P.; Saboo, Nikhil
2021Effect of Analysis Procedures in Linear Amplitude Sweep Test on the Fatigue Resistance of Nanoclay-Modified Asphalt BindersSaboo, Nikhil; Sukhija M.
2019Effect of fly ash and metakaolin on pervious concrete propertiesSaboo, Nikhil; Shivhare S.; Kori K.K.; Chandrappa A.K.
2021Effect of Nanoclay on Physical and Rheological Properties of Waste Cooking Oil-Modified Asphalt BinderSaboo, Nikhil; Sukhija M.; Singh G.
2016Effect of spindle diameter and plate gap on the rheological properties of asphalt bindersSingh B.; Saboo, Nikhil; Kumar, Praveen Kishore; Erkens S.; Liu X.; Anupam K.; Tan Y.
2020Effect of the use of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) aggregates on the performance of pervious paver blocks (PPB)Saboo, Nikhil; Nirmal Prasad A.; Sukhija M.; Chaudhary M.; Chandrappa A.K.
2017Effect of warm mix additives on creep and recovery response of conventional and polymer modified asphalt bindersKumar R.; Saboo, Nikhil; Kumar, Praveen Kishore; Chandra, Satish
2017Effective technique to estimate Cross model parametersVikram D.; Saboo, Nikhil
2020Evaluating the Suitability of Nanoclay-Modified Asphalt Binders from 10°C to 70°CSaboo, Nikhil; Sukhija M.
2020Influence of filler-binder ratio and temperature on the Linear Viscoelastic (LVE) characteristics of asphalt masticsChaudhary M.; Saboo, Nikhil; Gupta A.; Steineder M.; Hofko B.; Kumar A.; Papagiannakis A.T.; Bhasin A.; Little D.
2020Influence of nanoclay in viscosity graded asphalt binder at different test temperaturesSukhija M.; Saboo, Nikhil; Kumar A.; Papagiannakis A.T.; Bhasin A.; Little D.
2021Integration of Miner’s approach in linear amplitude sweep test data to determine the fatigue life of asphalt bindersSaboo, Nikhil; Diab A.