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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A constitutive model for thermoplastics based on two temperaturesDas S.; Roy Chowdhury S.; Roy D.
2015A micropolar peridynamic theory in linear elasticityRoy Chowdhury S.; Masiur Rahaman M.; Roy D.; Sundaram N.
2019A modified peridynamics correspondence principle: Removal of zero-energy deformation and other implicationsRoy Chowdhury S.; Roy P.; Roy D.; Reddy J.N.
2019A non-equilibrium thermodynamic model for viscoplasticity and damage: Two temperatures and a generalized fluctuation relationRoy Chowdhury S.; Roy D.
2020A nonequilibrium thermodynamic model for viscoplasticity coupled with damage for BCC metalsKar G.; Roy Chowdhury S.; Roy D.
2016Fluctuation relation based continuum model for thermoviscoplasticity in metalsRoy Chowdhury S.; Roy D.; Reddy J.N.; Srinivasa A.
2019Geometrically exact micropolar Timoshenko beam and its application in modelling sandwich beams made of architected lattice coreRoy Chowdhury S.; Reddy J.N.
2018Metal viscoplasticity with two-temperature thermodynamics and two dislocation densitiesRoy Chowdhury S.; Kar G.; Roy D.; Reddy J.N.
2020On failure mode transition: a phase field assisted non-equilibrium thermodynamics model for ductile and brittle fracture at finite strainBijaya A.; Roy Chowdhury S.