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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A Hybrid Model based on Fused Features for Detection of Natural Disasters from Satellite ImagesGupta T.; Roy, Sudip
2008A layout-aware physical design method for constructing feasible QCA circuitsBubna M.; Roy, Sudip; Shenoy N.; Mazumdar S.
2010A new technique for runtime leakage reduction and its sensitivity and parametric yield analysis under effective channel-length variationRoy, Sudip; Pal A.
2008A power-aware wireless sensor network based bridge monitoring systemKundu S.; Roy, Sudip; Pal A.
2021A survey on design and synthesis techniques for photonic integrated circuitsSharma S.; Roy, Sudip
2014Activation of control pins for routing of test droplets within a bi-partitioned digital microfluidic biochipDas S.; Roy, Sudip; Dey S.
2014Algorithmic challenges in digital microfluidic biochips: Protocols, design, and testBhattacharya B.B.; Roy, Sudip; Bhattacharjee S.; Gupta P.; Zaroliagis C.
2012Algorithms for on-chip solution preparation using digital microfluidic biochipsRoy, Sudip; Chakrabarti P.P.; Bhattacharya B.B.
2020An Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Approach for Decomposition of Mixed Pixels to Improve Crop Area Estimation Using Satellite ImagesDwivedi A.K.; Roy, Sudip; Singh, Dharmendra
2014An optimal two-mixer dilution engine with Digital microfluidics for low-power applicationsRoy, Sudip; Bhattacharya B.B.; Ghoshal S.; Chakrabarty K.
2020Architectural Design of Flow-Based Microfluidic Biochips for Multi-Target Dilution of Biochemical FluidsKamal N.; Gupta A.; Singla A.; Tiwari S.; Kohli P.; Roy, Sudip; Bhattacharya B.B.
2008Artificial intelligence approach to test vector reordering for dynamic power reduction during VLSI testingRoy, Sudip; Gupta I.S.; Pal A.
2019Automatic Detection of Flood Severity Level from Flood Videos using Deep Learning ModelsLohumi K.; Roy, Sudip
2019Checkpoints assignment on cyber-physical digital microfluidic biochips for early detection of hardware trojansGountia D.; Roy, Sudip
2012Congestion-aware layout design for high-throughput digital microfluidic biochipsRoy, Sudip; Mitra D.; Bhattacharya B.B.; Chakrabarty K.
2019Constrained vehicle route planning and optimization for disaster logistics managementPrasanth P.S.; Gupta T.; Roy, Sudip
2019CrowdVAS-Net: A deep-CNN based framework to detect abnormal crowd-motion behavior in videos for predicting crowd disasterGupta T.; Nunavath V.; Roy, Sudip
2017Delay-bounded intravehicle network routing algorithm for minimization of wiring weight and wireless transmit powerHuang T.-Y.; Chang C.-J.; Lin C.-W.; Roy, Sudip; Ho T.-Y.
2014Demand-driven mixture preparation and droplet streaming using digital microfluidic biochipsRoy, Sudip; Kumar S.; Chakrabarti P.P.; Bhattacharya B.B.; Chakrabarty K.
2018Demand-driven single- and multitarget mixture preparation using digital microfluidic biochipsShalu; Kumar S.; Singla A.; Roy, Sudip; Chakrabarty K.; Chakrabarti P.P.; Bhattacharya B.B.