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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A fixed frequency duty-ratio based digital sliding-mode controller for DC-DC buck converterPerumal P.; Ronanki, Deepak; Kiran B.
2020A Novel 2 N + 1 Carrier-Based Pulse Width Modulation Scheme for Modular Multilevel Converters with Reduced Control ComplexityRonanki, Deepak; Williamson S.S.
2019A novel 2N+1 carrier-based pulse width modulation scheme for modular multilevel converters with reduced control complexityRonanki, Deepak; Williamson S.S.
2020A Simple Three-Level Switching Architecture to Enhance the Power Delivery Duration of Supercapacitor Banks in Electrified TransportationDasari Y.; Ronanki, Deepak; Williamson S.S.
2019A simplified space vector pulse width modulation implementation in modular multilevel converters for electric ship propulsion systemsRonanki, Deepak; Williamson S.S.
2013A small 4-wheeler EV propulsion system using DTC controlled induction motorRonanki, Deepak; Hemasundar A.; Parthiban P.
2016A SVPWM for reduction in common mode and bearing currents applied to diode clamped three-level inverter fed induction motorRonanki, Deepak; Perumal P.
2020An Inductive Power Transfer System using Soft-Switched AC/AC Active-Clamped Half-Bridge Converter with Predictive Dead-Beat Grid Current ControlHuynh P.S.; Ronanki, Deepak; Williamson S.S.
2020Analysis and Control of Modular Multilevel Converters using Discontinuous ModulationRonanki, Deepak; Williamson S.S.
2019Capacitance Estimation in Modular Multilevel Converters under Nearest Level Modulation SchemeRonanki, Deepak; Williamson S.S.
2019Closed Loop Energy Balancing Control of Modular Multilevel Converters under Capacitor DegradationRonanki, Deepak; Kelkar A.; Williamson S.S.
2017Comparative analysis of DITC and DTFC of switched reluctance motor for EV applicationsRonanki, Deepak; Williamson S.S.
2020Comparative assessment of supercapacitor bank switching techniques under constant resistor, constant current, and constant power loadsRonanki, Deepak; Dasari Y.; Williamson S.S.
2017Comparative assessment of three-phase transformerless grid-connected solar invertersRonanki, Deepak; Sang P.H.; Sood V.; Williamson S.S.
2020Comprehensive Evaluation of Phase Current Reconstruction Strategies for Four-Phase Switched Reluctance Motor DrivesRonanki, Deepak; Dekka A.; Beig A.R.
2017Comprehensive Topological Overview of Rolling Stock Architectures and Recent Trends in Electric Railway Traction SystemsRonanki, Deepak; Singh S.A.; Williamson S.S.
2017Design methodology and sensorless control of electric propulsion system using DTC-SVMPerumal P.; Ronanki, Deepak
2019Device Loading and Reliability Analysis of Modular Multilevel Converters with Circulating Current Control and Common-Mode Voltage InjectionRonanki, Deepak; Williamson S.S.
2018Device Loading of a Modular Multilevel Converter with Flying Capacitor SubmodulesRonanki, Deepak; Williamson S.S.
2021Direct AC-AC Active-Clamped Half-Bridge Converter for Inductive Charging ApplicationsHuynh P.S.; Ronanki, Deepak; Vincent D.; Williamson S.S.