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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Analysis of bioaccessible concentration of trace elements in plant based edible materials by INAA and ICPMS methodsDutta R.K.; Maharia R.S.; Acharya R.; Reddy A.V.R.
2013Antibacterial effect of chronic exposure of low concentration ZnO nanoparticles on E. coliDutta R.K.; Nenavathu B.P.; Gangishetty M.K.; Reddy A.V.R.
2014Applications of EDXRF and INAA techniques for studying impact of industries to the environmentDutta R.K.; Sarkar S.; Ram S.S.; Sudarshan M.; Acharya R.; Reddy A.V.R.
2012Correlation between heavy metal contents and antioxidant activities in medicinal plants grown in copper mining areasMaharia R.S.; Dutta R.K.; Acharya R.; Reddy A.V.R.
2010Heavy metal bioaccumulation in selected medicinal plants collected from Khetri copper mines and comparison with those collected from fertile soil in Haridwar, IndiaMaharia R.S.; Dutta R.K.; Acharya R.; Reddy A.V.R.
1998Instrumental neutron activation analysis of ferromanganese oxide encrustations of Indian Ocean by the k0 NAA methodDutta R.K.; Acharya R.N.; Chakravortty V.; Nair A.G.C.; Reddy A.V.R.; Chintalapudi S.N.; Manohar S.B.
2012Studies on antibacterial activity of ZnO nanoparticles by ROS induced lipid peroxidationDutta R.K.; Nenavathu B.P.; Gangishetty M.K.; Reddy A.V.R.
2007Thermal neutron activation analysis of essential and trace elements and organic constituents in Trikatu: An ayurvedic formulationChoudhury R.P.; Kumar A.; Reddy A.V.R.; Garg A.N.