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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019An experimental approach for characterization of fracture process zone in concreteBhowmik S.; Ray S.
2018An improved crack propagation model for plain concrete under fatigue loadingBhowmik S.; Ray S.
2011Analysis of fatigue crack growth in RC beamsRay S.; Kishen J.M.C.
2014Analysis of fatigue crack growth in reinforced concrete beamsRay S.; Kishen J.M.C.
2013Ball-milled graphite-tin composite anode materials for lithium-ion batteryRana K.; Sil A.; Ray S.
2008Carbon nanotube/nanofiber embedded nanoporous anodized aluminium oxide surface and its tribological propertiesKushwaha M.K.; Sil A.; Ray S.
2012Characterization of plasticized PMMA-LiClO4 solid polymer electrolytesSharma R.; Sil A.; Ray S.
2016Chemical nature of catalysts of oxide nanoparticles in environment prevailing during growth of carbon nanostructures by CCVDJana M.; Sil A.; Ray S.
2020Derived Shape Features for Brain Hemorrhage ClassificationRay S.; Kumar V.; Das K.N.; Bansal J.C.; Deep K.; Nagar A.K.; Pathipooranam P.; Naidu R.C.
2004Development of wear resistant medium carbon dual phase steels and their mechanical propertiesTyagi R.; Nath S.K.; Ray S.
2001Dry sliding friction and wear in plain carbon dual phase steelTyagi R.; Nath S.K.; Ray S.
2011Dry sliding wear behavior of hot forged and annealed Cu-Cr-graphite in-situ compositesGautam R.K.; Ray S.; Sharma S.C.; Jain S.C.; Tyagi R.
2013Dry sliding wear behavior of hot forged and annealed Cu-Cr-SiC in-situ compositeGautam R.K.; Sharma S.C.; Jain S.C.; Ray S.
2020Early strength development in concrete using preformed CSH nano crystalsDas S.; Ray S.; Sarkar S.
2016Effect of carbon nanotube dispersion on electrochemical and mechanical characteristics of poly(methyl methacrylate)-based gel polymer electrolytesSharma R.; Sil A.; Ray S.
2002Effect of martensite content on friction and oxidative wear behavior of 0.42 Pct carbon dual-phase steelTyagi R.; Nath S.K.; Ray S.
2012Effect of reinforcing phase inherited from another composite on the mechanical properties of cast magnesium base compositeShivalingappa D.; Daniel B.S.S.; Ray S.
2009Effect of specimen crack depth and thickness on initiation fracture behaviour of highly ductile low carbon steelsBansal S.; Nath S.K.; Ghosh P.K.; Ray S.
2009Effect of transfer layer on dry sliding wear behaviour of cast Al-based composites synthesized by addition of TiO2 and MoO3Tesfay A.W.; Nath S.K.; Ray S.
2009Experimental study of nuclei in the vicinity of the "island of inversion" through the fusion-evaporation reactionChakrabarti R.; Mukhopadhyay S.; Krishichayan; Chakraborty A.; Ghosh A.; Ray S.; Ghugre S.S.; Sinha A.K.; Chaturvedi L.; Deo A.Y.; Mazumdar I.; Joshi P.K.; Palit R.; Naik Z.; Kumar S.; Madhavan N.; Singh R.P.; Muralithar S.; Yogi B.K.; Garg U.