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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A broadband doherty power amplifier using class B/J continuumGhosh S.; Rawat, Karun
2009A design methodology for miniaturized power dividers using periodically loaded slow wave structure with dual-band applicationsRawat, Karun; Ghannouchi F.M.
2018A Design Strategy for Bandwidth Enhancement in Three-Stage Doherty Power Amplifier with Extended Dynamic RangeBarthwal A.; Rawat, Karun; Koul S.K.
2019A Digitally Assisted Dual-Input Dual-Band Doherty Power Amplifier with Enhanced Efficiency and LinearityKalyan R.; Rawat, Karun; Koul S.K.
2021A Dual-Band Rat-Race Coupler for High Band Ratio Wireless ApplicationsZaidi A.M.; Beg M.T.; Kanaujia B.K.; Rawat, Karun; Kumar S.; Rambabu K.; Singh S.P.; Lay-Ekuakille A.
2014A fully integrated CMOS broad band power amplifier using a low-Q matching strategyBhattacharya R.; Gupta R.; Basu A.; Rawat, Karun; Koul S.K.
2014A fully integrated dual-band CMOS power amplifier using a variable switched interstage matching networkBhattacharya R.; Gupta R.; Basu A.; Rawat, Karun; Koul S.K.
2015A high efficiency inductor-less broadband fully integrated CMOS power amplifierBhattacharya R.; Basu A.; Rawat, Karun; Koul S.K.
2011A Novel Dual-band matching technique based on dual-characteristic impedance transformers for dual-band power amplifiers designRawat, Karun; Ghannouchi F.M.
2014A ray launching-neural network approach for radio wave propagation analysis in complex indoor environmentsAzpilicueta L.; Rawat, Meenakshi; Rawat, Karun; Ghannouchi F.M.; Falcone F.
2018A wideband rat-race coupler using stepped impedance resonatorSahoo A.K.; Rawat, Karun
2018A wideband two-stage doherty power amplifier at high back-off by exploring feasible design spaceGhosh S.; Rawat, Karun
2010Adaptive digital predistortion of wireless power amplifiers/transmitters using dynamic real-valued focused time-delay line neural networksRawat, Meenakshi; Rawat, Karun; Ghannouchi F.M.
2018Analysis and Design of Chireix Outphasing Switched Mode Power AmplifierAggrawal E.; Rawat, Karun; Fernandez-Del-Carpio G.M.
2011Analysis of frequency-selective impedance loading of transmission lines for dual-band couplersRawat, Karun; Ghannouchi F.M.; Rawat, Meenakshi; Hashmi M.S.
2015Bandwidth Enhancement of Three-Stage Doherty Power Amplifier Using Symmetric DevicesBarthwal A.; Rawat, Karun; Koul S.
2020Board-Level Ku-Band Power Amplifier: Design and ChallengesSinghal H.K.; Rawat, Karun
2013Broad-band matching network using band-pass filter with device parasitic absorptionGowrish B.; Rawat, Karun; Basu A.; Koul S.K.
2019Broadband continuous mode power amplifier with on-board harmonic injectionAsha Latha Y.M.; Rawat, Karun; Helaoui M.; Ghannouchi F.M.
2017Broadband power amplifier design by exploring design space of continuous class-F modeAggrawal E.; Saxena S.; Rawat, Karun