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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Effect of Hollow Glass Microspheres on the Morphology, Rheology and Crystallinity of Short Bamboo Fiber-Reinforced Hybrid Polypropylene CompositeGogoi R.; Kumar N.; Mireja S.; Ravindranath, Sham Sundar; Manik, Gaurav; Sinha, Shishir N.
2020Effect of molecular structure and concentration of styrene-butadiene polymer on upper service temperature rheological properties of modified bindersKumar Y.; Singh S.K.; Oberoi D.; Kumar, Praveen Kishore; Mohanty, Paritosh; Ravindranath, Sham Sundar
2021Effect of property deterioration in SBS modified binders during storage on the performance of asphalt mixIslam S.S.; Singh S.K.; Ransinchung, Gondaimei D.R.N.; Ravindranath, Sham Sundar
2020Laboratory evaluation of gap graded rubber modified warm mix asphaltKubair S.; Ravindra W.A.; Raju S.; Ravindranath, Sham Sundar
2021Modification of asphalt binder by the blend of chemically grafted thermoplastics and SBS: Influence of blend composition, chemical grafting, sulphur content, and MFI valuePandey A.; Sharma A.; Ravindranath, Sham Sundar
2021Rheological Analysis of Performance Grade Rutting and Fatigue Cracking Criteria in Asphalt BindersPandey A.; Singh S.K.; Islam S.S.; Ransingchung R. N G.D.; Raju S.; Ravindranath, Sham Sundar
2020Significance of frequency in quantifying the deterioration in the properties of SBS modified binders and rutting performanceSingh S.K.; Pandey A.; Sohel Islam S.; Ransingchung R.N. G.D.; Ravindranath, Sham Sundar
2018Thermal degradation of SBS in bitumen during storage: Influence of temperature, SBS concentration, polymer type and base bitumenSingh S.K.; Kumar Y.; Ravindranath, Sham Sundar