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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A novel probe for selective colorimetric sensing of Fe(ii) and Fe(iii) and specific fluorometric sensing of Fe(iii): DFT calculation and logic gate applicationGhosh, Kaushik; Rathi S.
2015A simple fluorescent probe derived from naphthylamine for selective detection of HgII, FeIIand FeIII ions in mixed aqueous media: Applications in living cells and logic gatesGhosh, Kaushik; Rathi S.; Gupta P.; Vashisth P.; Pruthi V.
2015DNA interaction, SOD, peroxidase and nuclease activity studies of iron complex having ligand with carboxamido nitrogen donorsGhosh, Kaushik; Tyagi N.; Kumar H.; Rathi S.
2012Efficient nuclease activity of dinuclear iron(III) complex with ligand having carboxamido nitrogen donorsGhosh, Kaushik; Tyagi N.; Kumar P.; Rathi S.; Singh U.P.
2014Electrochemical sensing of ascorbic acid by a novel manganese(III) complexLeonardi S.G.; Aloisio D.; Donato N.; Rathi S.; Ghosh, Kaushik; Neri G.
2016Fluorescence spectral studies on interaction of fluorescent probes with Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA)Ghosh, Kaushik; Rathi S.; Arora D.
2019Manganese (II) complexes of tridentate ligands having NNN donors: Structure, DFT calculations, superoxide dismutase, DNA interaction, nuclease and protease activity studiesRathi S.; Maji A.; Singh U.P.; Ghosh, Kaushik
2015Mononuclear iron complexes derived from tridentate ligands : Synthesis, characterization, DFT calculations and DNA interaction studiesRathi S.; Maji A.; Singh O.; Ghosh, Kaushik
2021Mononuclear iron(III) complexes derived from tridentate ligands containing non-innocent phenolato donors: Self-activated nuclease, protease, and phenoxazinone synthase activity studiesMaji A.; Rathi S.; Singh A.; Singh, Udai Pratap; Ghosh, Kaushik
2019Rational Design of Sterically Hindered and Unsymmetrical NpyNimOph Pincer-Type Ligands and Their Palladium(II) Complexes: Catalytic Applications in Suzuki–Miyaura Reaction and Allylation of AldehydesMaji A.; Singh O.; Rathi S.; Singh U.P.; Ghosh, Kaushik
2013Sensing of Fe(III) ion via turn-on fluorescence by fluorescence probes derived from 1-naphthylamineGhosh, Kaushik; Rathi S.; Kushwaha R.