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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Business model innovation and organisational mindfulness as determinants of corporate sustainability: An empirical studyVihari N.S.; Rao M.K.
2018Development of nsP2 protease based cell free high throughput screening assay for evaluation of inhibitors against emerging Chikungunya virusSaha A.; Acharya B.N.; Priya R.; Tripathi N.K.; Shrivastava A.; Rao M.K.; Kesari P.; Narwal M.; Tomar, Shailly; Bhagyawant S.S.; Parida M.; Dash P.K.
2016Effect of intellectual capital on dynamic capabilitiesSingh B.; Rao M.K.
2018Empirical linkage between sustainable HRM and organisational flexibility: A SEM-based approachVihari N.S.; Rao M.K.; Jada U.
2018Examining the effect of KM strategy on knowledge performance: The mediating role of sharing behaviour and enablersSingh P.K.; Rao M.K.
2017HR Practices, Learning Culture and Human Capital: A Study on Indian Business and Professional Service SectorSingh P.K.; Rao M.K.
2017Integrating the Linkages between Learning Systems and Knowledge Process: An Exploration of Learning OutcomesKushwaha P.; Rao M.K.
2015Integrative role of KM infrastructure and KM strategy to enhance individual competence: Conceptualizing knowledge process enablementKushwaha P.; Rao M.K.
2017Linking Emotional Intelligence to Knowledge Sharing Behaviour: Organizational Justice and Work Engagement as MediatorsTamta V.; Rao M.K.
2016Measuring the effects of CSR on compassion at workplace: An empirical study in North East Region of IndiaSubba D.; Rao M.K.
2019Organisational learning as an innovative determinant of organisational sustainability: an evidence based approachVihari N.S.; Rao M.K.; Doliya P.
2016Organisational performance as a function of creativity components and innovation capability: An Indian perspectiveVerma P.; Rao M.K.
2016Relationship between human capital management and organisational performance: An empirical evidence from select Indian banksVihari N.S.; Singh B.; Rao M.K.
2019Sustainable HRM as a contextual antecedent of organisational effectiveness - A moderated mediation modelVihari N.S.; Rao M.K.
2018The effect of ethical leadership on employee social innovation tendency in social enterprises: Mediating role of perceived social capitalPasricha P.; Rao M.K.
2017The effect of organisational justice on knowledge sharing behaviour in public sector banks in India: Mediating role of work engagementTamta V.; Rao M.K.
2017The impact of compassion on organisational identification: Mediating role of positive emotionSubba D.; Rao M.K.
2015The impact of CSR on positive emotion. Multiple regression analysisSubba D.; Rao M.K.
2017To Gear Up Firm Performance in Banking Industry: The Role of Dynamic CapabilitySingh B.; Rao M.K.