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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A laboratory investigation on Dense Bituminous Macadam containing different fractions of coarse and fine RAPKumari M.; Ransinchung G.D.R.N.; Singh S.
2017Comparison of permeability and drying shrinkage of self compacting concrete admixed with wollastonite micro fiber and flyashKant Sharma S.; Ransinchung G.D.R.N.; Kumar P.; Kumar Roy A.
2018Durability properties of pavement quality concrete containing fine RAPSingh S.; Ransinchung G.D.R.N.
2019Feasibility study of RAP aggregates in cement concrete pavementsSingh S.; Ransinchung G.D.R.N.; Kumar P.
2018Influence of RAP aggregates on strength, durability and porosity of cement mortarAbraham S.M.; Ransinchung G.D.R.N.
2020Laboratory and Field Evaluation of RAP for Cement Concrete PavementsSingh S.; Ransinchung G.D.R.N.
2018Laboratory investigation of RAP aggregates for dry lean concrete mixesSingh S.; Ransinchung G.D.R.N.; Monu K.; Kumar P.
2019Laboratory Investigation on the Fresh, Mechanical, and Durability Properties of Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement Containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement AggregatesDebbarma S.; Singh S.; Ransinchung G.D.R.N.
2020Laboratory research on reclaimed asphalt pavement-inclusive cementitious mixturesAbraham S.M.; Ransinchung G.D.R.N.
2019Pore structure characteristics of rap-inclusive cement mortar and cement concrete using mercury intrusion porosimetry techniqueAbraham S.M.; Ransinchung G.D.R.N.
2018Strength and permeation characteristics of cement mortar with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement AggregatesAbraham S.M.; Ransinchung G.D.R.N.
2019Suitability of various supplementary cementitious admixtures for RAP inclusive RCCP mixesDebbarma S.; Ransinchung G.D.R.N.; Singh S.