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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017An economical processing technique to improve RAP inclusive concrete propertiesSingh S.; Ransinchung G.D.; Kumar P.
2017Effect of mineral admixtures on fresh, mechanical and durability properties of RAP inclusive concreteSingh S.; Ransinchung G.D.; Kumar P.
2020Effect of mix proportion on the structural and functional properties of pervious concrete paving mixturesKant Sahdeo S.; Ransinchung G.D.; Rahul K.L.; Debbarma S.
2018Investigating the use of wollastonite micro fiber in yielding SCCSharma S.K.; Ransinchung G.D.; Kumar P.
2018Laboratory investigation of concrete pavements containing fine RAP aggregatesSingh S.; Ransinchung G.D.; Kumar P.
2018Performance evaluation of RAP concrete in aggressive environmentSingh S.; Ransinchung G.D.; Kumar P.
2018Performance of fine RAP concrete containing flyash, silica fume, and bagasse ashSingh S.; Shintre D.; Ransinchung G.D.; Kumar P.
2017Study on Performance and Efficacy of Industrial Waste Materials in Road Construction: Fly Ash and Bagasse AshAnupam A.K.; Kumar P.; Ransinchung G.D.; Shah Y.U.; Al-Qadi I.L.; Ozer H.; Velez-Vega E.M.; Murrell S.