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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Experiments and modeling of controlled release behavior of commercial and model polymer-drug formulations using dialysis membrane methodRanjan A.; Jha, Prateek K.
2018Mach–Zehnder Interferometer-based 3-bit all-optical sequence detectorRanjan R.; Ranjan A.; Singh, Dharmendra; Minzioni P.; Janyani V.; Tiwari M.; Singh G.
2021Recent Advances in Dissolution Testing and Their Use to Improve In Vitro–In Vivo Correlations in Oral Drug FormulationsRanjan A.; Jha, Prateek K.
2021Studying Drug Release through Polymeric Controlled Release Formulations in United States Pharmacopoeia 2 Apparatus Using Multiphysics Simulation and ExperimentsRanjan A.; Jha, Prateek K.
2014Water quality assessment and conservation strategies for the upper stretch of Hindon river - a tributary of Yamuna, IndiaRanjan A.; Singhal, Mukesh Kumar