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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Antisite Defects in Sol-Gel-Synthesized LiFePO4 at Higher Temperature: Effect on Lithium-Ion DiffusionRaj H.; Rani S.; Sil A.
2013Availability analysis for repairable system with warm standby, switching failure and reboot delayJain M.; Rani S.
2017Improved energy storage, magnetic and electrical properties of aligned, mesoporous and high aspect ratio nanofibers of spinel-NiMn 2 O 4Bhagwan J.; Rani S.; Sivasankaran V.; Yadav K.L.; Sharma Y.
2012M/M/1 retrial queue with constant retrial policy, unreliable server, threshold based recovery and state dependent arrival ratesPurohit G.N.; Jain M.; Rani S.
2019Photocatalytic Degradation of Bisphenol-A using N, Co Codoped TiO2 Catalyst under Solar LightGarg A.; Singhania T.; Singh A.; Sharma S.; Rani S.; Neogy A.; Yadav S.R.; Sangal V.K.; Garg N.
2019Tertiary treatment of municipal wastewater using isolated algal strains: treatment efficiency and value-added products recoveryRani S.; Chowdhury R.; Tao W.; Srinivasan A.
2014Transient analysis of hardware and software systems with warm standbys and switching failuresJain M.; Rani S.