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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Effect of iron oxide nanoparticles on growth and biofuel potential of Chlorella spp.Rana M.S.; Bhushan S.; Sudhakar D.R.; Prajapati, Sanjeev Kumar
2019Energy harnessing from banana plant wastes: A reviewBhushan S.; Rana M.S.; Mamta; Nandan N.; Prajapati, Sanjeev Kumar
2021Enzymatic pretreatment of algal biomass has different optimal conditions for biogas and bioethanol routesBhushan S.; Rana M.S.; Bhandari M.; Sharma A.K.; Simsek H.; Prajapati, Sanjeev Kumar
2016Higher order derivatives of R-Jacobi polynomialsDas S.; Swaminathan, Anbhu; Ibrahim S.N.I.; Lee L.S.; Rana M.S.; Lim F.P.; Mohd Jaffar M.Z.A.; Mustafa M.S.; Chen C.Y.
2021Microwave-assisted pretreatment of wet microalgal biomass for recovery of biofuel precursorsRana M.S.; Prajapati, Sanjeev Kumar
2020New insights on improved growth and biogas production potential of Chlorella pyrenoidosa through intermittent iron oxide nanoparticle supplementationRana M.S.; Bhushan S.; Prajapati, Sanjeev Kumar
2021Potential of reverse osmosis reject water as a growth medium for the production of algal metabolites–A state-of-the-art reviewMamta; Rana M.S.; Sharma A.K.; Parambil J.V.; Prajapati, Sanjeev Kumar
2021Resolving the dilemma of iron bioavailability to microalgae for commercial sustenanceRana M.S.; Prajapati, Sanjeev Kumar
2021Stimulating effects of glycerol on the growth, phycoremediation and biofuel potential of Chlorella pyrenoidosa cultivated in wastewaterRana M.S.; Prajapati, Sanjeev Kumar