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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A comprehensive study of the optoelectronic properties of donor-acceptor based derivatives of 1,3,4-oxadiazoleJoshi A.; Ramachandran, C. N.
2018A highly sensitive pyridine-dicarbohydrazide based chemosensor for colorimetric recognition of Cu2+, AMP2-, F- and AcO- ionsKumar R.; Jain H.; Gahlyan P.; Joshi A.; Ramachandran, C. N.
2019A multifunctional triazine-based nanoporous polymer as a versatile organocatalyst for CO2 utilization and C-C bond formationSharma R.; Bansal A.; Ramachandran, C. N.; Mohanty, Paritosh
2018Adsorption and dissolution of methane at the surface of the methanol-water mixtureSujith K.S.; Lata K.S.; Ramachandran, C. N.
2006Blue shift in X-H stretching frequency of molecules due to confinementShameema O.; Ramachandran, C. N.; Sathyamurthy N.
2016Carbon dioxide induced bubble formation in a CH4-CO2-H2O ternary system: A molecular dynamics simulation studySujith K.S.; Ramachandran, C. N.
2019Catalytic reduction of SO2 by CO using carbon intercalated gold clustersTiwari M.; Vinit; Ramachandran, C. N.
2016Charge transport and optical properties of the complexes of indigo wrapped over carbon nanotubesJoshi A.; Ramachandran, C. N.
2021Cis–trans isomerisation and absorption properties of the ring-extended azobenzeneDhiman A.; Ramachandran, C. N.
2021Clustering of carbon dioxide around zinc oxide clusterGangwar P.; Sajith P.K.; Ramachandran, C. N.
2012Density functional studies of endosulphan and its interaction with glycine and GABARamachandran, C. N.; Mishra B.K.; Tiwari A.K.
2015Density functional studies of fused dodecahedral and irregular-dodecahedral water cagesShilpi V.; Kaur S.P.; Ramachandran, C. N.
2021Density functional studies on the conversion of hydrogen cyanide to vinyl isocyanide using carbon-supported platinum catalystsGangwar P.; Tiwari M.; Narwal A.; Ramachandran, C. N.
2011Density functional theoretical studies of the isomers of croconic acid and their dimersRamachandran, C. N.; Ruckenstein E.
2019Effect of confinement on structure, energy and vibrational spectra of (HF)n, n = 1–4Remya P.R.; Mishra B.K.; Ramachandran, C. N.; Sathyamurthy N.
2016Effect of multiple and adjacent cage occupancies on host-guest interaction and NMR chemical shifts in gas hydratesKaur S.P.; Ramachandran, C. N.
2018Effect of surface roughness on adsorption and distribution of methane at the water-methane interfaceSujith K.S.; Ramachandran, C. N.
2014Encapsulation of paramagnetic diatomic molecules B2, O 2 and Ge2 inside C60Equbal A.; Srinivasan S.; Ramachandran, C. N.; Sathyamurthy N.
2011Encapsulation of the interstellar abundant H3+ in a C60 fullereneRamachandran, C. N.; Ruckenstein E.
2018Formation of a nanobubble and its effect on the structural ordering of water in a CH4-N2-CO2-H2O mixtureKaur S.P.; Sujith K.S.; Ramachandran, C. N.