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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Are lanthanide-transition metal direct bonds a route to achieving new generation {3d-4f} SMMs?Swain, Abinash Kumar; Sen A.; Rajaraman G.
2021Azide-Coordination in Homometallic Dinuclear Lanthanide(III) Complexes Containing Nonequivalent Lanthanide Metal Ions: Zero-Field SMM Behavior in the Dysprosium AnalogueKumar P.; Biswas S.; Swain, Abinash Kumar; Acharya J.; Kumar V.; Kalita P.; Gonzalez J.F.; Cador O.; Pointillart F.; Rajaraman G.; Chandrasekhar V.
2015Digermylene Oxide Stabilized Group 11 Metal Iodide ComplexesYadav D.; Kumar Siwatch R.; Sinhababu S.; Karwasara S.; Singh D.; Rajaraman G.; Nagendran S.
2021Enantiopure Polyradical Tetrahedral Pd12L6 CagesRajasekar P.; Swain, Abinash Kumar; Rajaraman G.; Boomishankar R.
2021Enhancing the barrier height for magnetization reversal in 4d/4f Ru III 2 L III 2 “butterfly” single molecule magnets (Ln = Gd, Dy)viatargeted structural alterationsSwain, Abinash Kumar; Martin R.; Vignesh K.R.; Rajaraman G.; Murray K.S.; Langley S.K.
2018Heterometallic 3d-4f single molecule magnets containing diamagnetic metal ionsChakraborty A.; Goura J.; Kalita P.; Swain, Abinash Kumar; Rajaraman G.; Chandrasekhar V.
2019Phosphonate-assisted tetranuclear lanthanide assemblies: Observation of the toroidic ground state in the TbIII analogueBiswas S.; Kumar P.; Swain, Abinash Kumar; Gupta T.; Kalita P.; Kundu S.; Rajaraman G.; Chandrasekhar V.
2019Role of Ab Initio Calculations in the Design and Development of Organometallic Lanthanide-Based Single-Molecule MagnetsSwain, Abinash Kumar; Sarkar A.; Rajaraman G.
2018Slow Magnetic Relaxation and Single-Molecule Toroidal Behaviour in a Family of Heptanuclear {CrIIILnIII6} (Ln=Tb, Ho, Er) ComplexesVignesh K.R.; Langley S.K.; Swain, Abinash Kumar; Moubaraki B.; Damjanović M.; Wernsdorfer W.; Rajaraman G.; Murray K.S.
2019Slow magnetic relaxation in dinuclear CoIIYIII ComplexesAcharya J.; Swain, Abinash Kumar; Chakraborty A.; Kumar V.; Kumar P.; Gonzalez J.F.; Cador O.; Pointillart F.; Rajaraman G.; Chandrasekhar V.
2021Tuning the Ferrotoroidic Coupling and Magnetic Hysteresis in Double-Triangle Complexes {Dy3MIIIDy3} via the MIII-linkerAshtree J.M.; Borilović I.; Vignesh K.R.; Swain, Abinash Kumar; Hamilton S.H.; Whyatt Y.L.; Benjamin S.L.; Phonsri W.; Forsyth C.M.; Wernsdorfer W.; Soncini A.; Rajaraman G.; Langley S.K.; Murray K.S.
2021Validation of Ab-Initio-Predicted Magnetic Anisotropies and Magneto-structural Correlations in Linear Hetero-trinuclear DyIII-NiII2 CompoundsComba P.; Enders M.; Großhauser M.; Hiller M.; Klingeler R.; Koo C.; Müller D.; Rajaraman G.; Swain, Abinash Kumar; Tavhelidse M.; Wadepohl H.