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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Adequacy evaluation of wind power generation systemsMabel M.C.; Raj R.E.; Fernandez, Eugene
2007Aluminum melt foam processing for light-weight structuresRaj R.E.; Daniel, B. S.S.
2011Analysis on reliability aspects of wind powerMabel M.C.; Raj R.E.; Fernandez, Eugene
2016Cellulose powder treatment on Cissus quadrangularis stem fiber-reinforcement in unsaturated polyester matrix compositesIndran S.; Raj R.E.; Daniel, B. S.S.; Saravanakumar S.S.
2008Manufacturing challenges in obtaining tailor-made closed-cell structures in metallic foamsRaj R.E.; Daniel, B. S.S.
2016Optimization of short Indian Areca fruit husk fiber (Areca catechu L.)–reinforced polymer composites for maximizing mechanical propertiesBinoj J.S.; Raj R.E.; Daniel, B. S.S.; Saravanakumar S.S.
2008Prediction of compressive properties of closed-cell aluminum foam using artificial neural networkRaj R.E.; Daniel, B. S.S.
2009Structural and compressive property correlation of closed-cell aluminum foamRaj R.E.; Daniel, B. S.S.