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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Analytical modelling and mechanism of hydro-abrasive erosion in pelton bucketsRai A.K.; Kumar A.; Staubli T.
2016Analyzing hydro abrasive erosion in Kaplan turbine: A case study from IndiaRai A.K.; Kumar A.
2015Continuous measurement of suspended sediment concentration: Technological advancement and future outlookRai A.K.; Kumar A.
2019Determination of the particle load based on detailed suspended sediment measurements at a hydropower plantRai A.K.; Kumar A.
2020Effect of concentration and size of sediments on hydro-abrasive erosion of Pelton turbineRai A.K.; Kumar A.; Staubli T.
2009Effect of miocene paleoceanographic changes on the benthic foraminiferal diversity at ODP site 754A (southeastern Indian Ocean)Rai A.K.; Maurya A.S.
2016Field application of a multi-frequency acoustic instrument to monitor sediment for silt erosion study in Pelton turbine in Himalayan region, IndiaRai A.K.; Kumar A.; Hies T.; Nguyen H.H.
2019Financial analysis for optimization of hydropower plants regarding hydro-abrasive erosion: A study from Indian HimalayasRai A.K.; Kumar A.; Staubli T.
2016Forces acting on particles in a Pelton bucket and similarity considerations for erosionRai A.K.; Kumar A.; Staubli T.
2017Hydro-abrasive erosion in Pelton buckets: Classification and field studyRai A.K.; Kumar A.; Staubli T.
2007Influence of Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW) and monsoonal activity in the central Indian Ocean over past 5 million years: Benthic foraminiferal record at DSDP Site 238Rai A.K.; Srinivasan M.S.; Maurya A.S.
2008Influence of sediment source and monsoonal variations on the late Quaternary clay mineral assemblages at ODP site 728A, northwestern Arabian SeaDas S.S.; Maurya A.S.; Pandey A.C.; Bhan U.; Rai A.K.
2020Interpretation and application of the hydro-abrasive erosion model from IEC 62364 (2013) for Pelton turbinesRai A.K.; Kumar A.; Staubli T.; Yexiang X.
1996Nonlinear root-water uptake modelOjha C.S.P.; Rai A.K.
2019Optimization of hydropower plants regarding hydro-abrasive erosionRai A.K.; Kumar A.; Staubli T.
2007Paleoceanographic significance of changes in Miocene deep-sea benthic foraminiferal diversity on the Wombat Plateau, Eastern Indian OceanRai A.K.; Maurya A.S.
2006Paleoceanographic significance of Early Miocene deep sea benthic foraminifera at the Wombat Plateau, eastern Indian OceanMaurya A.S.; Rai A.K.
2012Reduced tillering in Basmati rice T-DNA insertional mutant OsTEF1 associates with differential expression of stress related genes and transcription factorsPaul P.; Awasthi A.; Rai A.K.; Gupta S.K.; Prasad R.; Sharma T.R.; Dhaliwal H.S.
2017Sediment monitoring for hydro-abrasive erosion: A field study from Himalayas, IndiaRai A.K.; Kumar A.
2015Sub pixel level arrangement of spatial dependences to improve classification accuracyMerugu S.; Rai A.K.; Jain K.