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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A study of regional assertions in the architecture of Delhi from the 1970s to the presentBahga S.; Raheja G.
2018An account of critical regionalism in diverse building types in postcolonial Indian architectureBahga S.; Raheja G.
2020Complexities of practicing architectural regionalism in India: An interview studyBahga S.; Raheja G.
2015Craft: A narrative barometer for interior- architecture specific focus on stone crafts in religious buildings of IndiaSaraswat S.; Raheja G.
2014Inclusive informal campus spaces through universal design india principlesRaheja G.; Suryawanshi S.
2014Inclusive strategies for universal access in educational campus environmentsRaheja G.; Suryawanshi S.; Heylighen A.; Dong H.; Langdon P.M.; Lazar J.; Lazar J.
2020Indian parents’ perception of children's independent mobility in urban neighbourhoods: a case study of DelhiTyagi M.; Raheja G.
2013Issues of Sustainable Redevelopment of City Core: A Study of Developed and Developing CountriesMunoth N.; Jain R.K.; Raheja G.; Brar T.S.
2016Mobility experience of persons with visual impairments in indian railway station environmentsRaheja G.; Tyagi M.; Swallow D.; Sandoval L.; Lewis A.; Darzentas J.; Petrie H.; Walsh T.; Power C.
2018Towards an integrated framework for air quality monitoring and exposure estimation—a reviewSingla S.; Bansal D.; Misra A.; Raheja G.
2014Universal design for indian public transportation systemsRaheja G.; Jaiswal S.
2015Urban transformation in leftover spaces: A case study of Dilli HaatRaheja G.; Borgmann K.; Pillai S.S.; Karimi K.; Palaiologou G.; Vaughan L.; Bolton T.; Sailer K.