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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Hierarchy in guanidine unfolding of DLC8 dimer: regulatory functional implicationsMohan P.M.K; MV Joshi; RV Hosur
2010Hierarchy of local structural and dynamics perturbations due to subdenaturing urea in the native state ensemble of DLC8 dimerMohan P.M.K; S Chakraborty; RV Hosur
2008NMR Characterization of Structural and Dynamics Perturbations Due to a Single Point Mutation in Drosophila DLC8 Dimer: Functional ImplicationsMohan P.M.K; RV Hosur
2007NMR insights into dynamics regulated target binding of DLC8 dimerMohan P.M.K; RV Hosur
2009NMR investigations on residue level unfolding thermodynamics in DLC8 dimer by temperature dependent native state hydrogen exchangeMohan P.M.K; S Chakraborty; RV Hosur
2008pH dependent unfolding characteristics of DLC8 dimer: residue level details from NMRMohan P.M.K; RV Hosur
2006pH driven conformational dynamics and dimer?to?monomer transition in DLC8Mohan P.M.K; M Barve; A Chatterjee; RV Hosur
2012Residual structure and dynamics in DMSO-d6 denatured Dynein Light Chain proteinS Chakraborty; Mohan P.M.K; RV Hosur
2009Residue?wise conformational stability of DLC8 dimer from native?state hydrogen exchangeMohan P.M.K; S Chakraborty; RV Hosur
2009Structure-function-folding relationships and native energy landscape of dynein light chain protein: nuclear magnetic resonance insightsMohan P.M.K; RV Hosur