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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A novel dimension fusion based polynomial chaos approach for mixed aleatory-epistemic uncertainty quantification of carbon nanotube interconnectsPrasad A.K.; Roy S.
2016Accurate polynomial chaos expansion for variability analysis using optimal design of experimentsPrasad A.K.; Ahadi M.; Thakur B.S.; Roy S.
2017Accurate Reduced Dimensional Polynomial Chaos for Efficient Uncertainty Quantification of Microwave/RF NetworksPrasad A.K.; Roy, Sourajeet
2018Analysis of a polynomial chaos-kriging metamodel for uncertainty quantification in aerospace applicationsWeinmeister J.; Xie N.; Gao X.; Prasad A.K.; Roy S.
2017Analyzing impact of epistemic uncertainty in high-speed circuit simulation using fuzzy variables and global polynomial chaos surrogatesKapse I.; Prasad A.K.; Roy S.
2017Combining a reduced polynomial chaos expansion approach with universal Kriging for uncertainty quantificationWeinmeister J.; Xie N.; Gao X.; Prasad A.K.; Roy S.
2011Design modifications for energy conservation of sponge iron plantsPrasad A.K.; Prasad R.K.; Khanam, Shabina
2011Development of energy conservations scenarios for sponge iron industry using process integrationPrasad A.K.; Prasad R.K.; Khanam, Shabina
2016Fast uncertainty quantification in engine nacelle inlet design using a reduced dimensional polynomial Chaos approachGao X.; Wang Y.; Spotts N.; Xie N.; Roy S.; Prasad A.K.
2016Generalized anisotropic polynomial chaos approach for expedited statistical analysis of nonlinear radio-frequency (RF) circuitsKapse I.; Prasad A.K.; Roy S.
2011Generation of energy conservation measures for sponge iron plantsPrasad A.K.; Kumar V.; Khanam, Shabina
2015Global sensitivity based dimension reduction for fast variability analysis of nonlinear circuitsPrasad A.K.; Roy S.
2016Hyperbolic polynomial chaos expansion (HPCE) and its application to statistical analysis of nonlinear circuitsAhadi M.; Prasad A.K.; Roy S.
2019Isatin-Triazole-Functionalized Rhodamine: A Dual Sensor for Cu2+ and Fe3+ Ions and Its Application to Cell ImagingGahlyan P.; Bawa R.; Jain H.; Dalela M.; Joshi A.; Ramachandran, C. N.; Prasad A.K.; Kaur A.; Kumar R.
2018Mixed epistemic-aleatory uncertainty quantification using reduced dimensional polynomial chaos and parametric ANOVAPrasad A.K.; Roy S.
2019Multi-fidelity approach for polynomial chaos based statistical analysis of microwave networksPrasad A.K.; Roy, Sourajeet
2016Multidimensional Uncertainty Quantification of Microwave/RF Networks Using Linear Regression and Optimal Design of ExperimentsPrasad A.K.; Ahadi M.; Roy, Sourajeet
2015Multidimensional variability analysis of complex power distribution networks via scalable stochastic collocation approachPrasad A.K.; Roy S.
2015Polynomial chaos based variability analysis of power distribution networks using a 3D topology of multiconductor transmission linesPrasad A.K.; Ahadi M.; Roy S.
2019Reduced Dimensional Chebyshev-Polynomial Chaos Approach for Fast Mixed Epistemic-Aleatory Uncertainty Quantification of Transmission Line NetworksPrasad A.K.; Roy, Sourajeet