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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A positive-sequence directional relaying algorithm for series-compensated lineJena, Premalata; Pradhan A.K.
2011An integrated approach for directional relaying of the double-circuit lineJena, Premalata; Pradhan A.K.
2009Directional relaying during power swing and single-pole trippingJena, Premalata; Pradhan A.K.
2015Directional relaying during secondary arc using negative-sequence superimposed techniqueJena, Premalata; Pradhan A.K.
2013Directional relaying during single-pole tripping using phase change in negative-sequence currentJena, Premalata; Pradhan A.K.
2013Directional relaying in the presence of a thyristor-controlled series capacitorJena, Premalata; Pradhan A.K.
2019Investigating the impact of protection system reinforcement cost on the consumers associated with renewable integrated distribution networkMurari K.; Padhy, Narayana Prasad; Pradhan A.K.; Li F.
2015Islanding detection of a distributed generation system using angle between negative sequence voltage and currentBashir J.; Jena, Premalata; Pradhan A.K.
2014Network protection systems considering the presence of STATCOMsJena, Premalata; Pradhan A.K.
2016Reducing current transformer saturation effect in phasor measurement unitJena, Premalata; Pradhan A.K.
2008Solution to close-in fault problem in directional relayingPradhan A.K.; Jena, Premalata
2011Solution to directional relaying for double circuit lineJena, Premalata; Pradhan A.K.