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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Applicability of Q-slope Method in the Himalayan Road Cut Rock Slopes and Its Comparison with CSMRSiddique T.; Pradhan, Sarada Prasad; Vishal V.; Singh T.N.
2019Assessment of active tectonics from geomorphic indices and morphometric parameters in part of Ganga basinAnand A.K.; Pradhan, Sarada Prasad
2020Assessment of stability of a Himalayan road cut slope with varying degrees of weathering: A finite-element-model-based approachKomadja G.C.; Pradhan, Sarada Prasad; Roul A.R.; Adebayo B.; Habinshuti J.B.; Glodji L.A.; Onwualu A.P.
2018Finite element modelling of landslide prone slopes around Rudraprayag and Agastyamuni in Uttarakhand Himalayan terrainPradhan, Sarada Prasad; Vishal V.; Singh T.N.
2021Geotechnical and geological investigation of slope stability of a section of road cut debris-slopes along NH-7, Uttarakhand, IndiaKomadja G.C.; Pradhan, Sarada Prasad; Oluwasegun A.D.; Roul A.R.; Stanislas T.T.; Laïbi R.A.; Adebayo B.; Onwualu A.P.
2020Geotechnical assessment of cut slopes in the landslide-prone Himalayas: rock mass characterization and simulation approachSiddique T.; Mondal M.E.A.; Pradhan, Sarada Prasad; Salman M.; Sohel M.
2017Hazard assessment in rockfall-prone Himalayan slopes along National Highway-58, India: rating and simulationVishal V.; Siddique T.; Purohit R.; Phophliya M.K.; Pradhan, Sarada Prasad
2012Influence of bio-stabilisation on dump slope stabilityPradhan, Sarada Prasad; Vishal V.; Singh T.N.
2013Influence of bio-stabilisation on dump slopes - A discrete element modeling approachPradhan, Sarada Prasad; Vishal V.; Singh N.; Singh T.N.
2019Insights into the recent Kotropi landslide of August 2017, India: a geological investigation and slope stability analysisPradhan, Sarada Prasad; Panda S.D.; Roul A.R.; Thakur M.
2020Investigation of 3D deformation of transparent soil around a laterally loaded pile based on a hydraulic gradient model testYuan B.; Sun M.; Xiong L.; Luo Q.; Pradhan, Sarada Prasad; Li H.
2021Investigation to slope instability along railway cut slopes in Eastern Ghats mountain range, India: A comparative study based on slope mass rating, finite element modelling and probabilistic methodsRoul A.R.; Pradhan, Sarada Prasad; Mohanty D.P.
2013Numerical modeling of Gondwana coal seams in India as coalbed methane reservoirs substituted for carbon dioxide sequestrationVishal V.; Singh L.; Pradhan, Sarada Prasad; Singh T.N.; Ranjith P.G.
2013Permeability of sub-critical carbon dioxide in naturally fractured Indian bituminous coal at a range of down-hole stress conditionsVishal V.; Ranjith P.G.; Pradhan, Sarada Prasad; Singh T.N.
2019Road widening along National Highway-58, Uttarakhand, IndiaSiddique T.; Pradhan, Sarada Prasad
2020Role of Composition and Depth on Pore Attributes of Barakar Formation Gas Shales of Ib Valley, India, Using a Combination of Low-Pressure Sorption and Image AnalysisChandra D.; Vishal V.; Debbarma A.; Banerjee S.; Pradhan, Sarada Prasad; Mishra M.K.
2018Simulation of CO2 enhanced coalbed methane recovery in Jharia coalfields, IndiaVishal V.; Mahanta B.; Pradhan, Sarada Prasad; Singh T.N.; Ranjith P.G.
2012Slope stability analysis in Limestone minesTrivedi R.; Vishal V.; Pradhan, Sarada Prasad; Singh T.N.; Jhanwar J.C.
2018Stability and sensitivity analysis of Himalayan road cut debris slopes: an investigation along NH-58, IndiaSiddque T.; Pradhan, Sarada Prasad
2017Stability assessment of Himalayan road cut slopes along National Highway 58, IndiaSiddique T.; Pradhan, Sarada Prasad; Vishal V.; Mondal M.E.A.; Singh T.N.