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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A hybrid approach integrating arsenic detoxification with biodiesel production using oleaginous microalgaeArora N.; Gulati K.; Patel A.; Pruthi P.A.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan; Pruthi V.
2019Amelioration of biomass and lipid in marine alga by an endophytic fungus Piriformospora indicaBhatnagar V.S.; Bandyopadhyay P.; Rajacharya G.H.; Sarkar S.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan; Kumar S.
2019An inter-switch between hydrophobic and charged amino acids generated druggable small molecule binding pocket in chemokine paralog CXCL3Gulati K.; Gangele K.; Kumar D.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan
2016An overview of computational and experimental methods for designing novel proteinsGulati K.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan
2021Anticoagulation and antibacterial properties of heparinized nanosilver with different morphologiesMeher M.K.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan
2019Antimicrobial selectivity of ruthenium, rhodium, and iridium half sandwich complexes containing phenyl hydrazone Schiff base ligands towards B. thuringiensis and P. aeruginosa bacteriaLapasam A.; Dkhar L.; Joshi N.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan; Kollipara M.R.
2021Arene ruthenium, rhodium and iridium complexes containing benzamide derivative ligands: Study of interesting bonding modes, antibacterial, antioxidant and DNA binding studiesShadap L.; Agarwal N.; Chetry V.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan; Kaminsky W.; Kollipara M.R.
2021Arene ruthenium, rhodium and iridium complexes containing N∩O chelating ligands: synthesis, antibacterial and antioxidant studiesLapasam A.; Shadap L.; Tripathi D.K.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan; Kaminsky W.; Kollipara M.R.
2019Assessing the robust growth and lipid-accumulating characteristics of Scenedesmus sp. for biodiesel productionArora N.; Tripathi S.; Pruthi P.A.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan; Pruthi V.
2017Augmented lipid accumulation in ethyl methyl sulphonate mutants of oleaginous microalga for biodiesel productionMehtani J.; Arora N.; Patel A.; Jain P.; Pruthi P.A.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan; Pruthi V.
2017Binding of resveratrol to the minor groove of DNA sequences with AATT and TTAA segments induces differential stabilityNair, Maya S.; D'Mello S.; Pant R.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan
2015Characterizing protein–glycosaminoglycan interactions using solution NMR spectroscopyJoseph P.R.B.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan; Sepuru K.M.; Rajarathnam K.
2018Chemistry and biology of farnesol and its derivatives: Quorum sensing molecules with immense therapeutic potentialGupta P.; Sharma M.; Arora N.; Pruthi V.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan
2016Chemokine CXCL1 mediated neutrophil recruitment: Role of glycosaminoglycan interactionsSawant K.V.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan; Dutta A.K.; Sepuru K.M.; Troshkina A.; Garofalo R.P.; Rajarathnam K.
2019Co-culturing of oleaginous microalgae and yeast: paradigm shift towards enhanced lipid productivityArora N.; Patel A.; Mehtani J.; Pruthi P.A.; Pruthi V.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan
2016Deciphering the in vitro homo and hetero oligomerization characteristics of CXCL1/CXCL2 chemokinesGulati K.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan
2019Delineating the biofilm inhibition mechanisms of phenolic and aldehydic terpenes against cryptococcus neoformansKumari P.; Arora N.; Chatrath A.; Gangwar R.; Pruthi V.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan; Prasad, Ramasare A.
2019Delineating the molecular responses of a halotolerant microalga using integrated omics approach to identify genetic engineering targets for enhanced TAG production 06 Biological Sciences 0601 Biochemistry and Cell Biology 06 Biological Sciences 0607 Plant BiologyArora N.; Kumari P.; Kumar A.; Gangwar R.; Gulati K.; Pruthi P.A.; Prasad, Ramasare A.; Kumar D.; Pruthi V.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan
2021Dissecting the anti-biofilm potency of kappa-carrageenan capped silver nanoparticles against Candida speciesGupta P.; Goel A.; Singh K.R.; Meher M.K.; Gulati K.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan
2020Dissecting the differential structural and dynamics features of CCL2 chemokine orthologsJoshi N.; Nagar N.; Gulati K.; Gangele K.; Mishra A.; Kumar D.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan