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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A polymer-bound oxidovanadium(IV) complex prepared from an L-cysteine-derived ligand for the oxidative amination of styreneMaurya, Mannar Ram; Kumar U.; Correia I.; Adão P.; Pessoa J.C.
2008Immobilisation of oxovanadium(IV), dioxomolybdenum(VI) and copper(II) complexes on polymers for the oxidation of styrene, cyclohexene and ethylbenzeneMaurya, Mannar Ram; Arya A.; Adão P.; Pessoa J.C.
2019New thiosemicarbazide and dithiocarbazate based oxidovanadium(iv) and dioxidovanadium(v) complexes. Reactivity and catalytic potentialMaurya, Mannar Ram; Sarkar B.; Kumar A.; Ribeiro N.; Miliute A.; Pessoa J.C.
2008Oxidation of p-chlorotoluene and cyclohexene catalysed by polymer-anchored oxovanadium(iv) and copper(ii) complexes of amino acid derived tridentate ligandsMaurya, Mannar Ram; Kumar M.; Kumar A.; Pessoa J.C.
2011Polymer-bound metal complexes as catalysts: Synthesis, characterization, reactivity and catalytic activity in E-H bond activationMaurya, Mannar Ram; Pessoa J.C.
2010Polymer-bound oxidovanadium(IV) and dioxidovanadium(V) complexes as catalysts for the oxidative desulfurization of model fuel dieselMaurya, Mannar Ram; Arya A.; Kumar A.; Kuznetsov M.L.; Avecilla F.; Pessoa J.C.
2009Polymer-bound oxidovanadium(IV) and dioxidovanadium(V) complexes: Synthesis, characterization and catalytic application for the hydroamination of styrene and vinyl pyridineMaurya, Mannar Ram; Arya A.; Kumar U.; Kumar A.; Avecilla F.; Pessoa J.C.
2009Polystyrene bound oxidovanadium(IV) and dioxidovanadium(V) complexes of histamine derived ligand for the oxidation of methyl phenyl sulfide, diphenyl sulfide and benzoinMaurya, Mannar Ram; Arya A.; Kumar A.; Pessoa J.C.
2009Synthesis, characterization, and application of vanadium-salan complexes in oxygen transfer reactionsAdão P.; Pessoa J.C.; Henriques R.T.; Kuznetsov M.L.; Avecilla F.; Maurya, Mannar Ram; Kumar U.; Correia I.
2011Synthesis, characterization, reactivity and catalytic activity of oxidovanadium(IV), oxidovanadium(V) and dioxidovanadium(V) complexes of benzimidazole modified ligandsMaurya, Mannar Ram; Bisht M.; Kumar A.; Kuznetsov M.L.; Avecilla F.; Pessoa J.C.
2020Trinuclear vanadium(iv) and vanadium(v) complexes derived from 2,4,6-triacetylphloroglucinol and study of their peroxidase mimicking activityMaurya, Mannar Ram; Tomar R.; Avecilla F.; Ribeiro N.; Carvalho M.F.N.N.; Kuznetsov M.L.; Correia I.; Pessoa J.C.
2010Vanadium complexes having [VIVO]2+ and [V VO2]+ cores with binucleating dibasic tetradentate ligands: Synthesis, characterization, catalytic and antiamoebic activitiesMaurya, Mannar Ram; Khan A.A.; Azam A.; Ranjan S.; Mondal N.; Kumar A.; Avecilla F.; Pessoa J.C.
2009Vanadium-salen and -salan complexes: Characterization and application in oxygentransfer reactionsAdão P.; Maurya, Mannar Ram; Kumar U.; Avecilla F.; Henriques R.T.; Kusnetsov M.L.; Pessoa J.C.; Correia I.