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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A treatise on hazards of endocrine disruptors and tool to evaluate themRoy, Partha; Pereira B.M.J.
2000Inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopic and flame photometric analysis of goat epididymal fluidGaur M.; Pruthi V.; Prasad, Ramasare A.; Pereira B.M.J.
2002N-acetyl β-D-glucosaminidase is not attached to human sperm membranes through the glycosylphosphatidyl inositol (GPI)-anchorHutchinson T.; Dwivedi K.; Rastogi A.; Prasad, Ramasare A.; Pereira B.M.J.
2005Phospholipase-C sensitive GPI-anchored proteins of goat sperm: Possible role in sperm protectionHutchinson T.E.; Rastogi A.; Prasad, Ramasare A.; Pereira B.M.J.
2008Spearmint induced hypothalamic oxidative stress and testicular anti-androgenicity in male rats - altered levels of gene expression, enzymes and hormonesKumar V.; Kural M.R.; Pereira B.M.J.; Roy, Partha