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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A Theoretical Analysis of Land Acquisition Policy in India and Alternative MechanismsPattanaik F.; Mohanty S.; Prof. Baidyanath Misra
2014Agricultural Growth in Odisha during 1970-2008: An AnalysisPattanaik F.; Nayak N.C.
2014Agricultural instability in Odisha during post reform periodMohanty S.; Pattanaik F.; Patra R.N.; R.S. Negi
2017Changes in cropping pattern in Odisha agriculture in neo-liberal periodPattanaik F.; Mohanty S.; Dr. W.R. Reddy
2014Economic freedom and economic growth in India: What is the empirical relationship?Pattanaik F.; Nayak N.C.; George Hondroyiannis
2013Economic Freedom and Employment in IndiaPattanaik F.; Nayak N.C.; Sugata Marjit
2019Economic status of women in India: paradox of paid–unpaid work and povertySingh P.; Pattanaik F.; Professor James Connelly
2019Employment Growth in India: Findings from Organized Manufacturing Industries.Kumar S.; Pattanaik F.; N.K. Nair
2018Employment Intensity of Food Products and Processing Industry in IndiaKumar S.; Pattanaik F.; Dr. Sanjeev Chaturvedi
2011Employment Intensity of Growth in India And It's Structural DeterminantsPattanaik F.
2013Employment Intensity of Growth in India: An Empirical Review of Long Run EvidencePattanaik F.
2013Employment intensity of secondary sector in India: trends, patterns and determinantsPattanaik F.; Nayak N.C.; Rajarshi Majumder
2010Experiences of Structural Transformation in OrissaPattanaik F.
2018Growth and Structural Changes in the Economy of Himachal PradeshKumar S.; Pattanaik F.; Dr. Abhinav Alakshendra
2017Growth and Structure of Industrial Sector in Himachal PradeshKumar S.; Pattanaik F.; Kalyanbrata Bhattacharya
2016Growth performance of major crop groups in Odisha agriculture: A spatiotemporal analysisPattanaik F.; Mohanty S.
2015Inter-Regional Disparities in Odisha Agriculture during Neoliberal PeriodPattanaik F.; Mohanty S.
2014Macroeconomic Determinants of Employment Intensity of Growth in IndiaPattanaik F.; Nayak N.C.; Shekhar Shah
2012Magnitude of Working Poor in India: An Analysis of Growth-Employment-Poverty LinkagesPattanaik F.
2020Regional Disparities in Employment Intensity of Indian Industries: A State-level AnalysisKumar S.; Pattanaik F.; Arnab K. Deb