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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Baryon contrast ratio in an isentropic cosmological quark-hadron phase transitionPatra, Binoy Krishna; Singh C.P.
1997Baryon density inhomogeneity in a generalised mean field modelPatra, Binoy Krishna; Singh C.P.
2000Baryon number penetrability as a measure of isothermal baryon number fluctuations in the early universePatra, Binoy Krishna; Menon V.J.; Singh C.P.
1996Baryon-number density in hadronic gas models and baryon asymmetry in the early UniversePatra, Binoy Krishna; Singh K.K.; Uddin S.; Singh C.P.
1994Baryon-number fluctuations in a quark-hadron phase transitionSingh C.P.; Patra, Binoy Krishna; Uddin S.
2010Charmonium suppression in the presence of dissipative forces in a strongly-coupled quark-gluon plasmaPatra, Binoy Krishna; Agotiya V.; Chandra V.
2015Complex potential and bottomonium suppression at LHC energyKakade U.; Patra, Binoy Krishna; Thakur L.
2021Cumulative effects of collision integral, strong magnetic field, and quasiparticle description on charge and heat transport in a thermal QCD mediumKhan S.A.; Patra, Binoy Krishna
2000Determination of the equation of state of quark matter from J/ψ and Υ suppression at RHIC and LHCPal D.; Patra, Binoy Krishna; Srivastava D.K.
2020Dissociation of heavy quarkonia in a weak magnetic fieldHasan M.; Patra, Binoy Krishna
2014Dissociation of quarkonium in a complex potentialThakur L.; Kakade U.; Patra, Binoy Krishna
2009Dissociation of quarkonium in a hot QCD medium: Modification of the interquark potentialAgotiya V.; Chandra V.; Patra, Binoy Krishna
2013Dissociation of quarkonium in an anisotropic hot QCD mediumThakur L.; Haque N.; Kakade U.; Patra, Binoy Krishna
2017Drag and diffusion of heavy quarks in a hot and anisotropic QCD mediumSrivastava P.K.; Patra, Binoy Krishna
2020Effect of magnetic field on the charge and thermal transport properties of hot and dense QCD matterRath S.; Patra, Binoy Krishna
2021Effects of strong magnetic field on the formation of wakes in thermal QCDHasan M.; Patra, Binoy Krishna
2016Electrical conductivity of (an-)isotropic quark gluon plasmaPatra, Binoy Krishna; Thakur L.; Srivastava P.K.; Alvarez-Castillo D.; Blaschke D.; Blaschke D.; Matveev V.; Sorin A.; Kekelidze V.; Matveev V.
2015Electrical conductivity of an anisotropic quark gluon plasma: A quasiparticle approachSrivastava P.K.; Thakur L.; Patra, Binoy Krishna
1997EOS for a QGP with a temperature and baryon chemical potential dependent bag pressurePatra, Binoy Krishna; Singh C.P.
2007Gauss law constraints on Debye-Hückel screeningDubey R.K.; Menon V.J.; Mishra M.; Pandey M.K.; Patra, Binoy Krishna