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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A combination of linalool, vitamin C, and copper synergistically triggers reactive oxygen species and DNA damage and inhibits Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar typhi and Vibrio fluvialisGhosh T.; Srivastava S.K.; Gaurav A.; Kumar A.; Kumar P.; Yadav A.S.; Pathania R.; Navani N.K.
2019A novel bi-functional chalcone inhibits multi-drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus and potentiates the activity of fluoroquinolonesGupta V.K.; Gaur R.; Sharma A.; Akther J.; Saini M.; Bhakuni R.S.; Pathania R.
2016A study on metabolic prowess of Pseudomonas sp. RPT 52 to degrade imidacloprid, endosulfan and coragenGupta M.; Mathur S.; Sharma T.K.; Rana M.; Gairola A.; Navani N.K.; Pathania R.
2015Antibacterial potential of a small peptide from Bacillus sp. RPT-0001 and its capping for green synthesis of silver nanoparticlesPatil S.D.; Sharma R.; Bhattacharyya T.; Kumar P.; Gupta M.; Chaddha B.S.; Navani N.K.; Pathania R.
2020Antibacterial properties and in vivo efficacy of a novel nitrofuran, IITR06144, against MDR pathogensBhando T.; Bhattacharyya T.; Gaurav A.; Akhter J.; Saini M.; Gupta V.K.; Srivastava S.K.; Sen H.; Navani N.K.; Gupta V.; Biswas D.; Chaudhry R.; Pathania R.
2020Assessment of polymyxin B–doxycycline in combination against Pseudomonas aeruginosa in vitro and in a mouse model of acute pneumoniaGaurav A.; Kothari A.; Omar B.J.; Pathania R.
2009Chemical genomics in Escherichia coli identifies an inhibitor of bacterial lipoprotein targetingPathania R.; Zlitni S.; Barker C.; Das R.; Gerritsma D.A.; Lebert J.; Awuah E.; Melacini G.; Capretta F.A.; Brown E.D.
2002Chimeric Vitreoscilla hemoglobin (VHb) carrying a flavoreductase domain relieves nitrosative stress in Escherichia coli: New insight into the functional role of VHbKaur R.; Pathania R.; Sharma V.; Mande S.C.; Dikshit K.L.
2013Diversity of bacterial isolates during full scale rotary drum compostingBhatia A.; Madan S.; Sahoo J.; Ali M.; Pathania R.; Kazmi A.A.
2013Downregulation of yidC in Escherichia coli by Antisense RNA Expression Results in Sensitization to Antibacterial Essential Oils Eugenol and CarvacrolPatil S.D.; Sharma R.; Srivastava S.; Navani N.K.; Pathania R.
2017Effect of intermittent aeration on microbial diversity in an intermittently aerated IFAS reactor treating municipal wastewater: A field studyBhatia A.; Singh N.K.; Bhando T.; Pathania R.; Kazmi A.A.
2019Efflux pump inhibitors for bacterial pathogens: From bench to bedsideSharma A.; Gupta V.K.; Pathania R.
1999Enhanced wheat germ agglutinin accumulation in the germinating embryos of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) appears to be a general stress responseSingh P.; Chatterjee S.; Pathania R.; Bhullar S.S.
2015Facile biofunctionalization of silver nanoparticles for enhanced antibacterial properties, endotoxin removal, and biofilm controlLambadi P.R.; Sharma T.K.; Kumar P.; Vasnani P.; Thalluri S.M.; Bisht N.; Pathania R.; Navani N.K.
2017Fosfomycin resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii is mediated by efflux through a major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transporter-AbaFSharma A.; Sharma R.; Bhattacharyya T.; Bhando T.; Pathania R.
2014Genetic regulation of spy gene expression in Escherichia coli in the presence of protein unfolding agent ethanolSrivastava S.K.; Lambadi P.R.; Ghosh T.; Pathania R.; Navani N.K.
2012Green synthesis and antimicrobial potential of silver nanoparticlesSharma T.K.; Chopra A.; Sapra M.; Kumawat D.; Patil S.D.; Pathania R.; Navani N.K.
2009Identification of a toxic peptide through bidirectional expression of small RNAsMok W.W.K.; Navani N.K.; Barker C.; Sawchyn B.L.; Gu J.; Pathania R.; Zhu R.D.; Brown E.D.; Li Y.
2014Identification of novel regulatory small RNAs in Acinetobacter baumanniiSharma R.; Arya S.; Patil S.D.; Sharma A.; Jain P.K.; Navani N.K.; Pathania R.
2012Interaction of Bacteriocin-Capped Silver Nanoparticles with Food Pathogens and Their Antibacterial EffectSharma T.K.; Sapra M.; Chopra A.; Sharma R.; Patil S.D.; Malik R.K.; Pathania R.; Navani N.K.