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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A Green, Solvent-Free, Microwave-Assisted, High-Yielding YbCl3Catalyzed Deprotection of THP/MOM/Ac/Ts Ethers of Chalcone Epoxide and 2′-Aminochalcone and Their Sequel CyclizationKumar S.; Verma N.; Parveen I.; Ahmed, Naseem
2019A Route to Highly Functionalized Stereospecific trans -Aminated Aurones from 3-Bromoflavones with Aniline and N -Phenylurea via a Domino Aza-Michael Ring Opening and Cyclization ReactionsParveen I.; Ahmed, Naseem
2015Anti-proliferative activities of flavone-estradiol Stille-coupling adducts and of indanone-based compounds obtained by SnCl4/Zn-catalysed McMurry cross-coupling reactionsPathe G.K.; Konduru N.K.; Parveen I.; Ahmed, Naseem
2017CuI mediated synthesis of heterocyclic flavone-benzofuran fused derivativesParveen I.; Ahmed, Naseem
2018Highly selective and sensitive coumarin–triazole-based fluorometric ‘turn-off’ sensor for detection of Pb2+ ionsShaily; Kumar A.; Parveen I.; Ahmed, Naseem
2019Regioselective hydrodehalogenation of aromatic α-and β-halo carbonyl compounds by cui in isopropanolParveen I.; Khan D.; Ahmed, Naseem
2017Synthesis, estrogen receptor binding affinity and molecular docking of pyrimidine-piperazine-chromene and -quinoline conjugatesParveen I.; Ahmed, Naseem; Idrees D.; Khan P.; Hassan M.I.
2018Synthesis, molecular docking and inhibition studies of novel 3-N-aryl substituted-2-heteroarylchromones targeting microtubule affinity regulating kinase 4 inhibitorsParveen I.; Khan P.; Ali S.; Hassan M.I.; Ahmed, Naseem