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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A new digital relaying scheme for parallel transmission lineBhalja, Bhavesh R.; Maheshwari R.P.; Parikh U.B.
2008Combined wavelet-SVM technique for fault zone detection in a series compensated transmission lineParikh U.B.; Das, Biswarup; Maheshwari R.P.
2007Decision tree based fault classification scheme for protection of series compensated transmission linesParikh U.B.; Bhalja, Bhavesh R.; Maheshwari R.P.; Das, Biswarup
2012Development of a new bus zone identification algorithm using support vector machineChothani N.G.; Bhalja, Bhavesh R.; Parikh U.B.
2018Evaluation of controlled energisation of an unloaded power transformer for minimising the level of inrush current and transient voltage distortion using PIR-CBsBhatt K.A.; Bhalja, Bhavesh R.; Parikh U.B.
2010Fault classification technique for series compensated transmission line using support vector machineParikh U.B.; Das, Biswarup; Maheshwari R.
2011New fault zone identification scheme for busbar using support vector machineChothani N.G.; Bhalja, Bhavesh R.; Parikh U.B.
2014New support vector machine-based digital relaying scheme for discrimination between power swing and faultChothani N.G.; Bhalja, Bhavesh R.; Parikh U.B.
2013SVR-based current zero estimation technique for controlled fault interruption in the series-compensated transmission lineParikh U.B.; Bhalja, Bhavesh R.