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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A new facile route for synthesizing of graphene oxide using mixture of sulfuric-nitric-phosphoric acids as intercalating agentPanwar V.; Chattree A.; Pal K.
2012Adaptive neural controller for cooperative multiple robot manipulator system manipulating a single rigid objectPanwar V.; Kumar N.; Sukavanam N.; Borm J.-H.
2016Adaptive neuro fuzzy based hybrid force/position control for an industrial robot manipulatorChaudhary H.; Panwar V.; Prasad R.; Sukavanam N.
2016An investigation on vibration welding of amorphous and semicrystalline polymersPal K.; Panwar V.; Friedrich S.; Gehde M.
2017An optimal reduction technique for rGO/ABS composites having high-end dynamic properties based on Cole-Cole plot, degree of entanglement and C-factorPanwar V.; Pal K.
2016An optimum method for uniform synthesis of zirconia on reduced graphene oxidePanwar V.; Bahadur J.; Chaudhary B.; Pal K.
2016Antibacterial properties of silver doped TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized via sol-gel techniqueBahadur J.; Agrawal S.; Panwar V.; Parveen A.; Pal K.
2011Biomass residue briquetting and characterizationPanwar V.; Prasad B.; Wasewar K.L.
2016Catalytic action of graphene oxide towards the growth of carbon nanotubesBahadur J.; Singh P.; Panwar V.; Pal K.
2015Clay-Assisted dispersion of carbon black in thermoplastic nanocompositesSharma P.; Panwar V.; Pal K.
2003Computation of boundary control of controlled heat equation using artificial neural networksSukavanam N.; Panwar V.
2007Design of optimal hybrid position/force controller for a robot manipulator using neural networksPanwar V.; Sukavanam N.
2018Dynamic performance of an amorphous polymer composite under controlled loading of reduced graphene oxide based on entanglement of filler with polymer chainsPanwar V.; Pal K.
2019Economic Impact of Natural Disasters: An Empirical Re-examinationPanwar V.; Sen S.
2015Effect of carbon black and nanoclay on mechanical and thermal properties of ABS-PANI/ABS-PPy blendsDebnath N.; Panwar V.; Bag S.; Saha M.; Pal K.
2017Effect of nanoclay on carbon black reinforced blend of amorphous–semicrystalline polymersSharma P.; Panwar V.; Kharitonov A.P.; Pal K.
2016Effective energy harvesting from a single electrode based triboelectric nanogeneratorKaur N.; Bahadur J.; Panwar V.; Singh P.; Rathi K.; Pal K.
2020Examining the economic impact of floods in selected Indian statesPanwar V.; Sen S.
2020Fiscal Repercussions of Natural Disasters: Stylized Facts and Panel Data Evidences from IndiaPanwar V.; Sen S.
2015Graphene oxide-polyaniline-polypyrrole nanocomposite for a supercapacitor electrodePal K.; Panwar V.; Bag S.; Manuel J.; Ahn J.-H.; Kim J.K.