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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A comparative study of metaheuristic optimization approaches for directional overcurrent relays coordinationAlam M.N.; Das, Biswarup; Pant, Vinay
2006A novel approach for sensitivity calculations in the radial distribution systemKhatod, Dheeraj Kumar; Pant, Vinay; Sharma J.
2008A self-tuning fuzzy PI controller for TCSC to improve power system stabilityHameed S.; Das, Biswarup; Pant, Vinay
2006An improved power flow analysis technique with STATCOMBhargava A.; Pant, Vinay; Das, Biswarup
2016An interior point method based protection coordination scheme for directional overcurrent relays in meshed networksAlam M.N.; Das, Biswarup; Pant, Vinay
2000Analysis of a multiphase induction machine under fault condition in a phase-redundant A.C. drive systemSingh, Girish Kumar; Pant, Vinay
2010Analytical approach for well-being assessment of small autonomous power systems with solar and wind energy sourcesKhatod, Dheeraj Kumar; Pant, Vinay; Sharma J.
2019Conservation voltage reduction based comprehensive power management scheme for an isolated solar photovoltaic battery based microgridHaresh S.; Das, Biswarup; Pant, Vinay
2013Evolutionary programming based optimal placement of renewable distributed generatorsKhatod, Dheeraj Kumar; Pant, Vinay; Sharma J.
2017Fault analysis of unbalanced radial and meshed distribution system with inverter based distributed generation (IBDG)Mathur A.; Das, Biswarup; Pant, Vinay
2001Improved reliability and high power rating in ac drives by means of phase redundancy - Some analytical and experimental resultsSingh, Girish Kumar; Bhattacharyya M.; Pant, Vinay
1999Modeling of a multi-phase induction machine under fault conditionPant, Vinay; Singh, Girish Kumar; Singh S.N.
2004Modeling of generalized unified power flow controller for suitable location and power flow controlSingh J.G.; Singh S.N.; Pant, Vinay
2006Modelling of TCSC controller for transient stability enhancementPatel R.; Mahajan V.; Pant, Vinay
2020Optimal placement of protective devices and switches in a radial distribution system with distributed generationAlam A.; Pant, Vinay; Das, Biswarup
2009Optimized daily scheduling of wind-pumped hydro plants for a day-ahead electricity market systemKhatod, Dheeraj Kumar; Pant, Vinay; Sharma J.
2018Optimum recloser-fuse coordination for radial distribution systems in the presence of multiple distributed generationsAlam M.N.; Das, Biswarup; Pant, Vinay
2012Periodic output feedback technique based design of STATCOM damping controllerPant, Vinay; Das, Biswarup; Bhargava A.
2018Placement of protective devices in distribution system considering uncertainties in loads, temporary and permanent failure rates and repair ratesAlam A.; Alam M.N.; Pant, Vinay; Das, Biswarup
2014Probabilistic load flow incorporating generator reactive power limit violations with spline based reconstruction methodGupta N.; Pant, Vinay; Das, Biswarup