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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Alleviation of toxic hexavalent chromium using indigenous aerobic bacteria isolated from contaminated tannery industry sitesPandey S.; Singh N.K.; Bansal A.K.; Arutchelvan V.; Sarkar, Sudipta
2017Anaerobic treatment of wastewater using a two-stage packed-bed reactor containing polyvinyl alcohol gel beads as biofilm carrierPandey S.; Sarkar, Sudipta
2021Comparative thermodynamic analysis of CO2 based dimethyl carbonate synthesis routesPandey S.; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra; Kumar, Vimal
2014Diclofenac is toxic to the Steppe Eagle Aquila nipalensis: Widening the diversity of raptors threatened by NSAID misuse in South AsiaSharma A.K.; Saini M.; Singh S.D.; Prakash V.; Das A.; Bharathi Dasan R.; Pandey S.; Bohara D.; Galligan T.H.; Green R.E.; Knopp D.; Cuthbert R.J.
2011Effect of current density and grain refining agents on pulsed electrodeposition of nanocrystalline nickelBhardwaj, Mukesh K.; Balani K.; Balasubramaniam R.; Pandey S.; Agarwal A.
2018Effect of intermittent aeration cycles on EPS production and sludge characteristics in a field scale IFAS reactorSingh N.K.; Pandey S.; Singh R.P.; Dahiya S.; Gautam S.; Kazmi, Absar Ahmad
2017Effectiveness analysis and design of shell and tube heat exchanger using comsol multiphysicsAujla G.S.; Pandey S.; Trivedi Y.; Ghosh D.; Sharma P.; Tyagi A.; Jain A.; Kumar, Praveen Kishore
2019First-principles study of thermoelectric properties of Li-based Nowotony-Juza phasesChopra U.; Zeeshan M.; Pandey S.; Dhawan R.; Singh H.K.; Van Den Brink J.; Kandpal, Hem Chandra
2018Oxidative-extractive desulfurization of liquid fuel using stannous chloride-acetic acid mixture as catalystPandey S.; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra
2019Performance Evaluation and Substrate Removal Kinetics of an Anaerobic Packed-Bed Biofilm ReactorPandey S.; Sarkar, Sudipta
2016Post treatment of UASB effluent by using inorganic coagulants: Role of zeta potential and characterization of solid residueSingh N.K.; Pandey S.; Singh S.; Singh S.; Kazmi, Absar Ahmad
2019Spatial distribution of major bacterial species and different volatile fatty acids in a two-phase anaerobic biofilm reactor with PVA gel beads as bio-carrierPandey S.; Sarkar, Sudipta