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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Chandipura Virus Utilizes the Prosurvival Function of RelA NF-?B for Its PropagationBais S.S.; Ratra Y.; Khan N.A.; Pandey R.; Kushawaha P.K.; Tomar, Shailly; Medigeshi G.; Singh A.; Basak S.
2021Climate change water vulnerability and adaptation mechanism in a Himalayan City, Nainital, IndiaChauhan D.; Thiyaharajan M.; Pandey A.; Singh N.; Singh V.; Sen, Sumit; Pandey R.
2019Hydrocarbon generation potential of source rocks in Jaisalmer Basin, Rajasthan, IndiaPandey R.; Kumar D.; Maurya, Abhayanand Singh; Pandey P.
2020Hydrocarbon Uncertainty Based on Facies Analysis: Middle Jurassic Sequence (Jaisalmer Formation), Jaisalmer Basin, RajasthanPandey R.; Maurya, Abhayanand Singh
2009Queueing analysis of state dependent MX/Ga,b/1 queue with balking, multiple vacations of alternate type and setup timesJain, Madhu; Pandey R.
2013Synthesis, characterization and photochemical properties of some ruthenium nitrosyl complexesKumar A.; Pandey R.; Gupta R.K.; Ghosh, Kaushik; Pandey D.S.
2017Voltage and current mode OFCC based Semi Gaussian shapersKumar, Vishal VenkateshV.; Malhotra C.; Ahalawat V.; Pandey N.; Pandey R.
2017Voltage differencing buffered amplifier based quadrature oscillatorMalhotra C.; Ahalawat V.; Kumar, Vishal VenkateshV.; Pandey R.; Pandey N.