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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analysis and visualization of meteorological extremes in humid subtropical regionsPandey B.K.; Khare, Deepak; Tiwari H.; Mishra P.K.
2017Analyzing and modeling of a large river basin dynamics applying integrated cellular automata and Markov modelPandey B.K.; Khare, Deepak
2019Climate Change Impact Assessment on Blue and Green Water by Coupling of Representative CMIP5 Climate Models with Physical Based Hydrological ModelPandey B.K.; Khare, Deepak; Kawasaki A.; Mishra P.K.
2018Identification of trend in long term precipitation and reference evapotranspiration over Narmada river basin (India)Pandey B.K.; Khare, Deepak
2021Integrated approach to simulate hydrological responses to land use dynamics and climate change scenarios employing scoring method in upper Narmada basin, IndiaPandey B.K.; Khare, Deepak; Kawasaki A.; Meshesha T.W.
2021Simulation of water balance using CORDEX over a large river Indian basinPandey B.K.; Khare, Deepak; Baldwin L.A.; Gude V.G.
2017Trend analysis using discrete wavelet transform (DWT) for long-term precipitation (1851–2006) over IndiaPandey B.K.; Tiwari H.; Khare, Deepak