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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Computation of dam break flood disaster risk indexVijaya Kumar P.G.; Mishra S.K.; Pandey Ashish
2013Curve number affected by slope of experimental plot having maize cropShreshtha; Raj Kaji; Mishra S.K.; Pandey Ashish
2007Determination of coefficient of discharge of sharp-crested weir and spillway under laboratory conditions,Sahu A.K.; Pandey Ashish; Mishra S.K.
2013Effects of Seasonal/Monthly Variation on Runoff Curve Number for Selected Watersheds of Narmada Basin.Gajbhiye S.; Mishra S.K.; Pandey Ashish
2013Experimental verification of the effect of slope on runoff and curve numbersChaudhary Anubhav; Mishra S.K.; Pandey Ashish
2014Experimental verification of the effect of slope, soil, and AMC of a fallow land on runoff and curve numberJha R.K.; Mishra S.K.; Pandey Ashish
2013Relationship between SCS-CN and Sediment YieldGajbhiye Sarita; Mishra S.K.; Pandey Ashish
2019SCS-CN method revisited in perspective of Strange dataMishra S.K.; Kumre S.K.; Pandey Ashish
2016Spatial technology and SWAT modelling approach for assessment of hydropower potentialPandey Ashish; Lalrempuia D.; Jain S.K.; Mishra S.K.