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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Crustal configuration of the Northwest Himalaya based on modeling of gravity dataChamoli A.; Pandey A.K.; Dimri V.P.; Banerjee P.
2019Crustal structure and lateral variations in Moho beneath the Delhi fold belt, NW India: Insight from gravity data modeling and inversionDwivedi D.; Chamoli A.; Pandey A.K.
2016Dynamics of thermal inertia over highly urban city: A case study of DelhiBerwal S.; Kumar D.; Pandey A.K.; Singh V.P.; Kumar R.; Kumar K.; Esch T.; Erbertseder T.; Chrysoulakis N.
2008Effect of graphite and metallic impurities of C60 fullerene on determination of salbutamol in biological fluidsGoyal R.N.; Kaur D.; Singh S.P.; Pandey A.K.
2015Energy and exergy performance evaluation of a typical solar photovoltaic modulePandey A.K.; Pant P.C.; Sastry O.S.; Kumar A.; Tyagi S.K.
2009Fabrication of Fe 2O 3 nanopowder modified glassy carbon electrode for applications in electrochemical sensingGoyal R.N.; Pandey A.K.; Kaur D.; Kumar A.
2009Growth and characterization of iron oxide nanocrystalline thin films via low-cost ultrasonic pyrolysisGoyal R.N.; Kaur D.; Pandey A.K.
2009Implementation of SVM technique in modified self-commutating CSI-fed induction motor driveAgarwal P.; Pandey A.K.; Verma V.K.
2008Intrinsic magnetism in Zn1-xCoxO (0.03?x?0.10) thin films prepared by ultrasonic spray pyrolysisSingh P.; Deepak.; Pandey A.K.; Kaur D.
2006Optimal capacitor selection for modified self-commutated csi-fed induction motor drivePandey A.K.; Agarwal P.; Verma V.K.
2011Parameter plane synthesis of modified self commutating CSI-fed induction motor driveAgarwal P.; Pandey A.K.; Verma V.K.
2008Performance evaluation of a self-commutating CSE-fed induction motor drive for different operating conditionsAgarwal P.; Verma V.K.; Pandey A.K.
2018SecMed: A Secure Approach for Proving Rightful Ownership of Medical Images in Encrypted Domain over CloudPandey A.K.; Singh P.; Agarwal N.; Raman B.
2014Spatio - temporal variations of urban heat island over DelhiPandey A.K.; Singh S.; Berwal S.; Kumar D.; Pandey P.; Prakash A.; Lodhi N.; Maithani S.; Jain V.K.; Kumar K.