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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A comparative study of features for handwritten Bangla text recognitionBhunia A.K.; Das A.; Roy P.P.; Pal U.
2009A complete system for detection and recognition of text in graphical documents using background informationRoy P.P.; Lladòs J.; Pal U.
2019A deep one-shot network for query-based logo retrievalBhunia A.K.; Bhunia A.K.; Ghose S.; Das A.; Roy P.P.; Pal U.
2018A lexicon-free approach for 3D handwriting recognition using classifier combinationKumar P.; Saini R.; Roy P.P.; Pal U.
2014A Novel Approach of Bangla Handwritten Text Recognition Using HMMRoy P.P.; Dey P.; Roy S.; Pal U.; Kimura F.
2008A system to segment text and symbols from color mapsRoy P.P.; Vazquez E.; Lladós J.; Baldrich R.; Pal U.
2013A two-stage approach for word spotting in graphical documentsTarafdar A.; Pal U.; Roy P.P.; Ragot N.; Ramel J.-Y.
2019Bag-of-visual-words for signature-based multi-script document retrievalMandal R.; Roy P.P.; Pal U.; Blumenstein M.
2012Bangla date field extraction in offline handwritten documentsMandal R.; Roy P.P.; Pal U.
2015Bayesian classifier for multi-oriented video text recognition systemRoy S.; Shivakumara P.; Roy P.P.; Pal U.; Tan C.L.; Lu T.
2017Cleaning of online bangla free-form handwriten textBhattacharya N.; Pal U.; Roy P.P.
2008Convex hull based approach for multi-oriented character recognition from graphical documentsRoy P.P.; Pal U.; Lladós J.; Kimura F.
2018Cross-language framework for word recognition and spotting of Indic scriptsBhunia A.K.; Roy P.P.; Mohta A.; Pal U.
2012Date field extraction in handwritten documentsMandal R.; Roy P.P.; Pal U.
2018Date-field retrieval in scene image and video frames using text enhancement and shape codingRoy P.P.; Bhunia A.K.; Pal U.
2011Document seal detection using GHT and character proximity graphsRoy P.P.; Pal U.; Lladós J.
2013Duplicate open page removal from video stream of book flippingChakraborty D.; Roy P.P.; Alvarez J.M.; Pal U.
2018Frame selection for OCR from video stream of book flippingChakraborty D.; Roy P.P.; Saini R.; Alvarez J.M.; Pal U.
2013Handwritten musical document retrieval using music-score spottingMalik R.; Roy P.P.; Pal U.; Kimura F.
2016Handwritten word spotting in Indic scripts using foreground and background informationDas A.; Bhunia A.K.; Roy P.P.; Pal U.