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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analytical pyrolysis of bagasse and groundnut shell briquettes: Kinetics and pyrolysate composition studiesOjha, Deepak K.; Kumar V.S.P.; Vinu R.
2020Desorption in Ammonia Manufacture from Stranded Wind EnergyOjha, Deepak K.; Kale M.J.; Dauenhauer P.J.; McCormick A.; Cussler E.L.
2015Fast co-pyrolysis of cellulose and polypropylene using Py-GC/MS and Py-FT-IROjha, Deepak K.; Vinu R.
2017Fast pyrolysis kinetics of alkali lignin: Evaluation of apparent rate parameters and product time evolutionOjha, Deepak K.; Viju D.; Vinu R.
2021Fast pyrolysis kinetics of lignocellulosic biomass of varying compositionsOjha, Deepak K.; Viju D.; Vinu R.
2019Integrated Ammonia Synthesis and SeparationOjha, Deepak K.; Kale M.J.; McCormick A.V.; Reese M.; Malmali M.; Dauenhauer P.; Cussler E.L.
2014Kinetic analysis of co-pyrolysis of cellulose and polypropyleneSuriapparao D.V.; Ojha, Deepak K.; Ray T.; Vinu R.
2020Optimizing Ammonia Separation via Reactive Absorption for Sustainable Ammonia SynthesisKale M.J.; Ojha, Deepak K.; Biswas S.; Militti J.I.; Mccormick A.V.; Schott J.H.; Dauenhauer P.J.; Cussler E.L.
2015Resource recovery via catalytic fast pyrolysis of polystyrene using zeolitesOjha, Deepak K.; Vinu R.
2015Selective production of valuable hydrocarbons from waste motorbike engine oils via catalytic fast pyrolysis using zeolitesTripathi A.K.; Ojha, Deepak K.; Vinu R.
2016Understanding the interactions between cellulose and polypropylene during fast co-pyrolysis via experiments and DFT calculationsOjha, Deepak K.; Shukla S.; Sachin R.S.; Vinu R.; Kohse-Hoinghaus K.; Ranzi E.