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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A novel gellan-PVA nanofibrous scaffold for skin tissue regeneration: Fabrication and characterizationVashisth P.; Nikhil K.; Roy, Partha; Pruthi P.A.; Singh, Rajesh Pratap; Pruthi V.
2015A pterostilbene derivative suppresses osteoclastogenesis by regulating RANKL-mediated NFκB and MAPK signaling in RAW264.7 cellsNikhil K.; Sharan S.; Roy, Partha
2013Antibiofilm activity of quercetin-encapsulated cytocompatible nanofibers against Candida albicansVashisth P.; Nikhil K.; Pemmaraju S.C.; Pruthi P.A.; Mallick V.; Singh H.; Patel A.; Mishra, Narayan Chandra; Singh, Rajesh Pratap; Pruthi V.
2014Anticancer activities of pterostilbene-isothiocyanate conjugate in breast cancer cells: Involvement of PPARγNikhil K.; Sharan S.; Singh A.K.; Chakraborty A.; Roy, Partha
2014Characterization of anticancer, DNase and antifungal activity of pumpkin 2S albuminTomar P.P.S.; Nikhil K.; Singh A.; Selvakumar P.; Roy, Partha; Sharma, Ashwani Kumar
2014Disruption of thyroid hormone functions by low dose exposure of tributyltin: An in vitro and in vivo approachSharan S.; Nikhil K.; Roy, Partha
2016Drug functionalized microbial polysaccharide based nanofibers as transdermal substituteVashisth P.; Srivastava A.K.; Nagar H.; Raghuwanshi N.; Sharan S.; Nikhil K.; Pruthi P.A.; Singh, Rajesh Pratap; Roy, Partha; Pruthi V.
2013Effects of low dose treatment of tributyltin on the regulation of estrogen receptor functions in MCF-7 cellsSharan S.; Nikhil K.; Roy, Partha
2016Emergence of fluorescence in boron nitride nanoflakes and its application in bioimagingKumar V.; Nikhil K.; Roy, Partha; Lahiri, Debrupa; Lahiri, Indranil
2015Evaluation of in vitroanticancer activity and GC-MS analysis from leaf Sophora interrupta BeddMathi P.; Nikhil K.; Das S.; Roy, Partha; Bokka V.R.; Botlagunta M.
2016Ferulic acid amide derivatives as anticancer and antioxidant agents: synthesis, thermal, biological and computational studiesKumar N.; Kumar S.; Abbat S.; Nikhil K.; Sondhi S.M.; Bharatam P.V.; Roy, Partha; Pruthi V.
2015Isolation and characterization of the anticancer compound piceatannol from Sophora interrupta beddMathi P.; Das S.; Nikhil K.; Roy, Partha; Yerra S.; Ravada S.R.; Bokka V.R.; Botlagunta M.
2016Pterostilbene carboxaldehyde thiosemicarbazone, a resveratrol derivative inhibits 17β-Estradiol induced cell migration and proliferation in HUVECsNikhil K.; Sharan S.; Wishard R.; Palla S.R.; Krishna Peddinti R.; Roy, Partha
2014Pterostilbene-isothiocyanate conjugate suppresses growth of prostate cancer cells irrespective of androgen receptor statusNikhil K.; Sharan S.; Chakraborty A.; Roy, Partha
2014Role of isothiocyanate conjugate of pterostilbene on the inhibition of MCF-7 cell proliferation and tumor growth in Ehrlich ascitic cell induced tumor bearing miceNikhil K.; Sharan S.; Chakraborty A.; Bodipati N.; Krishna Peddinti R.; Roy, Partha
2017Synthesis, structural, solubility and anticancer activity studies of salts using nucleobases and sulfonic acids coformerSingh N.; Singh U.P.; Nikhil K.; Roy, Partha; Singh H.
2014Task-specific ionic liquid catalyzed synthesis of novel naphthoquinone-urazole hybrids and evaluation of their antioxidant and in vitro anticancer activitySaluja P.; Khurana J.M.; Nikhil K.; Roy, Partha
2015Understanding the mode of action of a pterostilbene derivative as anti-inflammatory agentNikhil K.; Sharan S.; Palla S.R.; Sondhi S.M.; Peddinti, Rama Krishna; Roy, Partha