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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019An exhibitors perspective: factors affecting selection of industrial trade shows in India and the importance of spot salesNayak J.K.
2018An innovative mixotrophic approach of distillery spent wash with sewage wastewater for biodegradation and bioelectricity generation using microbial fuel cellNayak J.K.; Amit; Ghosh U.K.
2020Bacteria-mediated bio-degradation of reactive azo dyes coupled with bio-energy generation from model wastewaterMishra S.; Nayak J.K.; Maiti A.
2018Brand community relationships transitioning into brand relationships: Mediating and moderating mechanismsKumar J.; Nayak J.K.
2019Brand engagement without brand ownership: a case of non-brand owner community membersKumar J.; Nayak J.K.
2019Conceptualization and development of event experience scale: lessons from IndiaRai S.; Nayak J.K.
2019Consumer psychological motivations to customer brand engagement: a case of brand communityKumar J.; Nayak J.K.
2018Destination Personality: Scale Development And ValidationKumar V.; Nayak J.K.
2015Development of wind energy in IndiaSangroya D.; Nayak J.K.
2016Effect of family environment on adolescent compulsive buying: mediating role of self-esteemSingh R.; Nayak J.K.
2015Evaluating the role of state incentives in the deployment of wind energy in IndiaSangroya D.; Nayak J.K.
2019Exploring destination psychological ownership among tourists: Antecedents and outcomesKumar J.; Nayak J.K.
2017Factors influencing buying behaviour of green energy consumerSangroya D.; Nayak J.K.
2016Factors motivating visitors for attending handicraft exhibitions: Special reference to Uttarakhand, IndiaNayak J.K.; Bhalla N.
2019Hospitality branding in emerging economies: an Indian perspectiveRai S.; Nayak J.K.
2020How consumers form product quality perceptions in absence of fixed posted prices: Interaction of product cues with seller reputation and third-party reviewsNarwal P.; Nayak J.K.
2019How consumers respond to social norms: an evidence from pay-what-you-want (PWYW) pricingNarwal P.; Nayak J.K.
2020Investigating relative impact of reference prices on customers’ price evaluation in absence of posted prices: a case of Pay-What-You-Want (PWYW) pricingNarwal P.; Nayak J.K.
2015Mediating role of stress between work-family conflict and job satisfaction among the police officials: Moderating role of social supportSingh R.; Nayak J.K.
2016Parent-adolescent conflict and choice of conflict resolution strategy: Familial holiday planningSingh R.; Nayak J.K.