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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Damage investigation in drilling of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite laminatesBhatnagar N.; Singh, Inderdeep; Nayak D.
2004Determination of machining-induced damage characteristics of fiber reinforced plastic composite laminatesBhatnagar N.; Nayak D.; Singh, Inderdeep; Chouhan H.; Mahajan P.
2005Finite element analysis of effect of machining direction on fibre orientation of FRP compositesNayak D.; Singh, Inderdeep; Bhatnagar N.; Mahajan P.
2017Metallurgical Approach Towards Explaining Optimized EDM Process Parameters for Better Surface Integrity of AISI D2 Tool SteelNayak D.; Sahu S.N.; Mula, Suhrit
2020Microwave-assisted reduction roasting—magnetic separation studies of two mineralogically different low-grade iron oresRoy S.K.; Nayak D.; Dash N.; Dhawan, Nikhil; Rath S.S.